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Did You Know...

... that there will be tougher competition in the Women's Class for the U.S. tickets to Germany?

Synchronicity 2000 at the World Cup in Eloy
posted Feb 20th, 2005 - Team Synchronicity has been dominating the USPA competition in the relatively undefined female category in the past years. The Women's Class was officially added as an IPC world meet category in Spain 2001. Four all-female teams already competed at the world meet 1999 in Australia. However, it was only a test meet by then, called the "Women's Cup". No U.S. team was present in Corona, Australia, in 1999.

The "Women's Cup" was held again, this time as a part of the World Cup 2000 in Eloy, Arizona. Five teams attended this event, two of the five teams were from Russia. It was also the first competition of team Synchronicity. This 2000 line-up consisted of Lilac Hayes, Sally Stewart, Sally Hathaway and Eliana Rodriguez.

Synchronicity 2001 at the USPA Championship
image by: Omniskore
The World Championship of Formation Skydiving 2001 in Spain included the "4-way Women" class officially for the first time. Ten nations sent their champion teams to Spain, including the U.S. delegation. Synchronicity did not have to qualify for the world meet. There was no serious female competition in the U.S.A. USPA nominated the same Synchronicity line-up of the World Cup 2000 as the national team, and the team won the first set of IPC gold medals with a 14.7 average.

Later in October 2001, Synchronicity competed only as a guest team in the Open Class at the USPA Championship in Eloy. Pete Allum filled the open slot for Lilac Hayes and finished with a 14.8 average.

Synchronicity 2002 at the USPA Championship
image by: Omniskore
The qualification as the national team of the Women's Class for the next world meet in 2003 was only theoretically a little bit more challenging for Synchronicity, compared to the situation in 2000/2001. USPA had set some inofficial guidelines how to qualify as the national female team. However, there was still no serious competition by other female U.S. teams, and IPC's category "4-way Women" still does not have its equivalent in any country. The best all-female team competing in the Open Class at the UPSA Championship would be the national female 4-way team for the world meet.

Synchronicity 2002 with Jaimie Johnson, Sally Hathaway, Sally Stewart, Lilac Christie-Hayes and Tony Hathaway (video) competed in the Open Class in Ottawa and finished in 10th position with a 12.8 average. No other all-female team competed in the Open Class. Vertical Junction was the only other female AAA Class team and finished in last place of USPA's Advanced Class with a 8.1 average. The World Cup in October 2002 in Spain took place without U.S. participation. Six teams from six different nations saw the UK team V-Max winning the "4-way Women's Class" competition with a 14.7 average.

Former Synchronicity team mates Eliana Rodriguez and Lilac Hayes at the Mondial 2003
Synchronicity continued in 2003 as the qualified U.S. national team. The line-up for the world meet in Gap, the Mondial 2003 in September, had two new members and consisted of Jaimie Johnson, Sally Hathaway, Jaquelen O'Brien, Kim Glover and Tony Hathaway (video). Lilac Lilac Christie-Hayes was the official alternate. Synchronicity 2003 finished in third place in a field of eight teams with a 15.3 average.

The same Synchronicity line-up competed in October 2003 at the USPA Championship in Lake Wales and finished in 7th position of the Open Class with a 15.5 average. This event was the qualification to the world meet in Croatia 2004. The all-female team Chikara, with Kris Byrne, Kelly Fredrickson, Kirsten Johnson and Ansa du Toit, volunteered to compete in the Open Class, as well. Chikara members said that they wanted to support the female category and give Synchronicity company and competition in the Open Class. Chikara competed as a guest team and finished in 10th position with a 13.2 average.

World Champion Synchronicity 2004 at the World Meet in Croatia
Another all-female guest team joined the Open Class competition in Lake Wales 2003. "4 Something" with Elisa Behnk, Michelle Carlstrom, Nina Kuebler and Pam Whitley finished in 13th position with a 10.1 average. Synchronicity easily won the tickets to the next world meet in Croatia 2004.

The world meet in September 2004 attracted a total of ten all-female teams to travel to Croatia. Synchronicity competed with the same line-up as in 2003 after training the whole season with coach Dan BC in Perris. Result was the first place in Rijeka with a 16.9 average.

Fastrax Select in Lake Wales
As in 2003, the USPA Championship took place after the world meet. The same Synchronicity members competed in the Open Class in October 2004 and finished in 7th position with a 15.3 average. No other all-female team competed in the Open Class in Perris. Dallas Sky was the next best all-female AAA Class team and finished in 12th position of USPA's Advanced Class with a 10.1 average.

The situation of the competition for the slot as the U.S. national team for the world meet in Germany 2006 may change this year. It might become more difficult for Synchronicity to defend the dominating position in the female category. Four passionate female 4-way competitors of the past years have decided to challenge the title defenders.

Three 2004 "Down to Earth" members, Michelle Carlstrom, Elisa Behnk and Kris Byrne, have added Tammi Rettig to their line-up and are supported by Team Fastrax. The new "Fastrax Select" has already begun with an intense 2005 training and competition schedule. Fact is that Fastrax Select is committed to make the 2005 season a race for the gold medals. The NSL News visited when the team was training in Lake Wales last week and will follow up with more team information.

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