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Did You Know...

... that Zero Tolerance Miami is out and ZT Mal4mations is in?

Zero Tolerance Miami 2001
posted Mar 5th, 2006 - The NSL News received a press release from a Florida Skydiving League team last week. Zero Tolerance Miami has been a long standing participant of the Florida Skydiving League. The team was founded in 2001 and competed for the very first time at the FSL 2001 season opener on January 28 at Skydve DeLand.

The NSL News reported by then: "Zero Tolerance Miami, with Helena Poleo, Guido Marti, Jeff Bacigaludo and Robert Stoky, placed third with a 4.7 average, tying the round six highscore of six points. It was their first competition ever." It was the Intermediate Class competition in 2001, and ZeroT continued in the A Class later on.

Zero Tolerance Miami 2002
Zero Tolerance Miami attended each of the eight meets of the regular season in 2001 and has represented the team's home dropzone, Skydive Miami in Homestead, ever since on a regular basis. The roster has changed over the years, and the team now decided to change the team name, as well.

The press release gives the impression that this decision was a result of a late night discussion with adult beverages possibly involved. However, ZT Mal4mations is getting ready for the 2006 season in Florida, and the Florida Skydiving League looks forward to welcome the Miami team at the 2006 season opener in two weeks.

Zero Tolerance Miami 2005 line-up at the SkyQuest 2005 award ceremony

Press Release

In exciting six rounds of voting, NSL 2005 A Class Champion Zero Tolerance announced it has changed its name for the 2006 season to ZT Mal4mations.

Dr. Dutch Stryker (tail) chaired the name change committee: "There were many names submitted but it came down to two choices, Team Fred and ZT Mal4mations".

Dr. Stryker went on to say how the final voting resulted in a tied score and that a sophisticated auto blind randomizer system was put into action to break the deadlock. Team coach and supermodel Pam Manos was seen shaking her head and muttering "only in Florida".

ZT Mal4mations line-up
Skydive Miami’s ZT Mal4formations team will continue in the A Class for 2006 with the same core lineup:

Ana Sang (Point), Dutch Stryker (Tail), Lance Smith (Outside Center), Gary "The Hand" Hansen (Inside Center), Alex Batista (Video).

Keeping to the traditions of the past, ZT Mal4mations will introduce new skydivers into the line-up as schedules allow, but rumors abound that the great Pam Manos herself may well play a guest star role in the April meet taking the Outside Center position.

Skydive Miami’s Fred Whitsett was unavailable for comment.

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