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Did You Know...

... that Skydive University's "The Search 2005" will conclude with the FSL Shamrock Showdown 2005?

FSL Shamrock Showdown 2005
posted Feb 16th, 2005 - Skydive University will be running it's popular event "The Search" from 12 - 18 March, 2005 at Skydive DeLand, FL. The event is aimed at newer skydivers who would like to immerse themselves in a high energy learning experience covering all aspects of skydiving training.

The event kicks off with canopy training from the Flight-1 team of Scott Miller and the PD Factory Team. Skydivers can then choose between Formation Skydiving or Freefly coaching. Formation skydivers participate in 20 coached skydives progressing from one-on-one to 4-way skills. The event ends the day before the FSL Shamrock Showdown 2005 begins and enthusiastic 4-way jumpers have the opportunity to put their new found skills into practice by joining the Rookie Class or A Class competition of the popular NSL event.

Skydive University's "The Search"
Last year, the first weekend of "The Search" coincided with the FSL Shamrock Showdown 2004 on March 13 - 14. The SkydiveU participants could not join the competition in DeLand. SkydiveU and FSL management made an effort to coordinate the timing of both events better for the 2005 schedule. Result is the opportunity for "The Search" participants to finish the SkydiveU training week with the FSL meet in DeLand.

Skydive University has been running "The Search" for the past six years with great success. The event is designed specifically for low experienced jumpers and gives them an opportunity to sample the best of everything the skydiving coummunity has to offer. "The Search" offers top quality coaching in a high-energy atmosphere. One of the previous participants called it "student heaven". It is also a breeding ground for future competitors.

One-on-one training
Skydive University's Basic Body Flight program offers professional and intensive programs to teach the fundamentals of Formation Skydiving and Freeflying in a safe, relaxed and fun format. The courses cover all of the basic flying positions and principles for effective progress from simple skills and exercises to more complex ones. Utilizing the very best training available will drastically shorten the time and expense required to emerge as a safe, skilled skydiver and will greatly increase the fun and satisfaction from achieving successful skydives.

The course begins with a day and a half of intensive canopy control coaching with Scott Miller and the Flight-1 team at Skydive DeLand. Jumps from 5,500 ft with seminars, briefing and debriefing of the filmed landings ensure a thorough saturation of canopy control information, which the group will put into practice for the rest of the week.

Mental Training with John DeRosalia
Next step are one-on-one skydives with a personal coach to work on fundamental skills. This is complemented by a mini tunnel camp at SkyVenture Orlando that provides the repetition and intensive coaching necessary for rapid progress. Each participant completes a minimum of 30 minutes of coached time as part of the course. Freeflyers complete 17 one on one coached skydives with video and have 40 minutes of tunnel time.

The next and last series of jumps consist of an introduction to 4-way by pairing two students with two instructors, including video on every jump. This is a great way to ensure successful 4-way skydives. The course finishes with 4-way jumps with three students and one coach. Video is again included. This format allows students to increase skill levels whilst providing a stable format and in-air coaching. Most evenings of the seven-day camp are rounded off with seminars from leading professionals within the industry, as well as a prize draw.

Coaches taking part in previous years have included all members of the British skydiving team, the Danish National Team, Rob Laidlaw, Robert Chromy and Julianna Se. Participants of previous "Searches" say that this is one of the best events in the world for new, enthusiastic skydivers.

"Dr. John" with Sebastian members at the Mondial 2003
Last not least, John De Rosalia will once again provide his expertise in mental training, as well. His excellent book is still available in the NSL Shop. Dr John has been part of "The Search" from the beginning. He is a psychologist and specializes in peak performance training for teams and individuals. He has worked with world-class teams such as Sebastian XL and World Cup 1988 winner Space Center FX. He currently works with Team Fastrax.

Dr John will be available for three days to lend his unique perspectives on personal performance. After the morning stretch he will also do guided visualizations and seminars in the evenings. He will be on hand to provide interesting and innovative methods of mental training to assist the skydiving performance.

Registration and further information can be found at Skydive University's website.

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