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Did You Know...

... that the last round of the NSL Championship 2004 comes along with top scores scores from the Valentine's Meet?

posted Feb 12th, 2005 - The last round of the NSL Championship 2004 is now featured on NSL-TV. The timing will hopefully be perfect since the first competition of the 2005 season is already in full swing. Although the weather forecast for Saturday has been bad enough to not expect any skydiving, the SSL Valentine's Meet at Skydive Arizona in Eloy has already the scores of three complete rounds on the scoreboard. The AAA Class teams even have the scores for four rounds already.
SSL Valentine's Meet 2005Round 1Round 2Round 3Round 4Round 5Round 6TotalAverage
RankAAA Teams19-13-1M-O-G-12H-20-410-21-QA-16-11P-15-B-3TotalAverage
T1Golden Knights Black19241915--7719.3
T1Airspeed Odyssey19221917--7719.3
3Airspeed Velocity17221818--7518.8
4Perris Storm1114118--4411.0
RankAA TeamsD-194-7G-L-PN-9K-F-86-ATotalAverage
1Golden Knights Gold9139---3110.3
RankA TeamsE-D-QB-G-LO-P-CE-N-KB-F-AO-H-MTotalAverage
3Norfolk N' Chance375---155.0
4No Use PA344---113.7
Omniskore's Ted and Tim Wagner were on competition site and have provided the scores on-line. It has been a very exciting competition so far. The Golden Knights Black and both Arizona Airspeed line-ups have been going neck to neck and are separated by only two points after four rounds.

The Golden Knights Gold team competes in the AA Class, together with two other teams, Equinox and DiveWorkz. Equinox represented Skydive Elsinore in 2004 and competed at the NSL Championship 2004. Last November's Equinox video of round ten can now be viewed on NSL-TV. The new footage of the SSL Valentine's Meet will hopefully be available very soon. DiveWerkz is also a AA Class team that continues after competing throughout the 2004 season.

Punky Fish's round ten, see video
The four A Class teams in Eloy make this class as competitve as the AAA Class. This is also a new record attendance in the A Class of the Southwest Skydiving League. Prodigy and Quad are separated by one single point after three rounds.

Round ten of the NSL Championship 2004 is the last chance to give last year's teams special attention on NSL-TV. Arizona Blade missed the 20.0 average due to a penalty in the last round and ended up with a 19.9 meet average at SkyQuest 2004. It was the team's highest result of the 2004 season and was rewarded with the NSL Shugar Cup.

Carolina Ice's round ten, see video
More penalties in the AA Class gave Carolina Ice an unfortunate end of the competition. The judges pulled the red flag three times for the same infringement. The centerpoints of the Carolina Ice pieces crossed each other during the Block 1 maneuver (Snowflake - Offset). Each infringement was still punished with a 2-point deduction last year. The score for Ice was reduced to three points in this round. The Golden Knights Black team at the SSL Valentine's Meet was luckier with the new rules. The Army team had two infringements in round four and lost only a total of two points. However, Ice still ended up with the NSL gold medals and a very respectable 11.1 meet average.
GT Airlock's round ten, see video
The NSL News reported already earlier of the great competition in the A Class of the NSL Championship 2004. The drama continued in round ten. FSC JAMMM had taken a 1-point lead in round eight and defended it in round nine. GT Airlock had to attack, while FSC JAMMM could not slow down much to maintain the lead.

The Florida Skydiving League team had a good round and posted the highest and team record score of 14 points in round ten. The team members waited anxiously around the judging area for the dubbing and judging of GT Airlock's last round. The drama was complete when the Georgia Skydiving League team completed 16 points in time as a new team record. This result turned the rankings around once again and for the last time. GT Airlock had won the A Class competition by one single point.

Enjoy the new NSL-TV show. The complete scores of the SSL Valentine's Meet and meet videos will be added as soon as possible.

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