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Did You Know...

... that a brandnew NSL Profile features Robert Chromy?

Coach Chromy with a team from Chile
posted Oct 19th, 2005 - The NSL Profiles have recently caught up after a longer break. Dawn English and Natasha Montgomery were already added to the line-up of VIP's in Formation Skydiving competition this month, and Robert Chromy's career story was added today. Thomas Hughes will be featured next.

Yes, Chromy actually has a first name. And no, he is not South African. Yes, he is currently competing for the Czech Republic, which is his original country of birth. And no, he has not lost his voice yet.

Chromy's NSL Profile offers a lot of information that not many people know about. Teams all over the world know him as a passionate and professional coach who puts all his energy and efforts into every coaching job that he takes on. He works so hard in the SkyVenture Orlando wind tunnel that he sometimes can hardly speak after hours of yelling in the flying chamber and quick debriefings. Yet he rarely complaints when his muscles and joints are sore. He is a hard working coach. Thus, it is no surprise that he enjoys his "jumping vacations", as with several local Teiwaz line-ups over the past two or three years in Florida.

Chromy with Teia-Z-Hills at the last meet of the Florida Skydiving League
Chromy's impressive knowledge of approx. 15 different foreign languages allows him to communicate quite easily wherever he goes. His easy going personality also helps him to build bridges instantly. His broad experiences in the skydiving community and his communication skills have made him one of the busiest and most popular coaches.

Chromy grew up in South Africa, even though he was born in Czechoslovakia. The African bush is his favorite place in the world - besides hanging in the door for a 4-way exit. He is one of the several South African skydivers who have made a career in the USA. He met the reigning 4-way world champions, Solly Williams and Gary Smith, early in his career in South Africa.

The NSL Profile of Robert Chromy offers a colorful journey through the last two decades of skydiving, back and forth between South Africa and the USA. It is well worth to read the whole career story, especially for people who have already crossed their paths with Chromy.

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