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Did You Know...

... that Texas Skydiving League teams posted record scores at season finals?

Spaceland Thunder
posted Oct 13th, 2005 - The Texas Skydiving League held the very last competition of the regular 2005 season with its championship event at Skydive Spaceland last weekend. The weather was not very supportive, however, TSL Director Ryan Smith and the dz staff managed to complete five rounds when the conditions were good enough for a while.

The relatively fast competition draw offered the TSL teams the opportunity to finish the 2005 season with high scores, and almost each team posted the highest meet average this year. Spaceland Thunder with Kelly Fredrickson (Point), Scott Latinis (Center Inside), Lou Massey (Tail) and Chad Smith (Center Outside) scored an 18.4 average in the 5-round meet, which included a 31-pointer in round two.

Team America and Wild Wings
The AA Class competition was much tighter than in the AAA Class, and the first three teams were within four points after five rounds. Spaceland Avalanche with Rich Delgado, Chuck DeSostoa, Anton Maximov, Char Wait and Sean Ralls on camera took the first place with a team record 8.8 average.

The sequences of the Rookie Class competition in the Texas Skydiving League include some numbers. However, the TSL Rookies have to show only the first formation of these blocks. Team America with Matt Jones, Georges Lezan, John McDonnell and Johnny Tubbs won the 5-round meet with a new team record, as well.

More detailed information will follow with the TSL meet report.

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