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Did You Know...

... that the French video of Round 8 may show emergency engineering?

More French water landings
posted Dec 9th, 2011 - The NSL News story on 6 December 2011 included only the competition videos of Aerodyne Aerokart's first seven rounds at the 3rd Dubai Championship 2011. Team videographer Olivier Henaff now kindly followed up and sent the video file of Round 8, which completes the review of the winning French performance in Dubai.

Olivier Henaff sent some additional footage, which is telling and entertaining at the same time. The video shows the water landings of the Aerodyne Aerokart members after Round 8 that the NSL News mentioned in the earlier story. NSL News correspondent Max Thiele had taken his own photos when the French team was landing.

It was not only Emmanuel "Manu" Sarrazin who got wet at the end with a big smile on his face. The video shows a few more water landings, and the very small audience enjoyed the French celebration. Many of the teams and competitors had already left the location to make it in time to the event dinner the same evening.

Creeping easier than walking with a broken toe...
The video begins with the French dirtdive for the same jump and shows that Center Outside Julien Degen had difficulties keeping up with his team mates. He had to walk and then exit and fly with a broken toe.

The video then features the French team performing the slowest sequence of the competition where only Aerodyne Aerokart managed to post a 20-pointer on the leaderboard and almost made it to the 21st scoring formation. Julien Degen's broken toe was an additional obstacle for the exit and the challenging 3-block sequence, and the team applied a tricky engineering, whether it was due to the injury or for any other reasons.

Emmanuel "Manu" Sarrazin and Julien Degen switched their exit positions for Block 4 (Monopod - Monopod), which could be normal procedure for the French continuity plan and a lucky coincidence in this case. It could also be an emergency solution for a broken toe. However, fact is that all members went back to normal operation after the exit page, including the French right-hand turning direction of the Monopod's 3-way and the other pieces in the sequence.

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