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Did You Know...

... that the new USPA Open Class poll shows much better results?

posted Oct 16th, 2011 - The NSL News realized quickly that the poll question that came with the story on 12 October 2011 was not realistic. Arizona Airspeed is the sole top contender for the gold medals at the USPA Nationals 2011, and the other four US top teams are only competing for silver and bronze. That is at least the situation that the audience expects to see at the end of the month.

The question needed to be asked in a different way, and the new results show more and better. The "other" four teams seem to be closer to Airspeed now, which still does not reflect the truth. Airspeed is still as far ahead as before - the other teams only score votes together with Airspeed at the same time.

However, the situation in the race for the 2nd place now shapes up and shows what the audience expects at the moment. Paraclete XP4 seems to have the best chances to win the silver medals, despite the fact that the indoor experts did not get as much outdoor training as they had hoped for. It would still be a great step up for XP4 after the 4th place last year.

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Player coach Ari Perelman this weekend at Skydive City
Perris Fury and Golden Knights are currently locked up in a battle for the last set of USPA medals this year. The Golden Knights are defending the bronze medal position that they won at Skydive Chicago in 2010.

SDC Rhythm XP is still in the same 5th place that the team had at the last USPA Nationals. This would not be a satisfying result for the youngest team of age and experience in the 5-pack of top US teams. Rhythm members made it very clear earlier this year that they are aiming for a medal position.

By the way, there is also another team that could become involved in the race for the highest scores behind Airspeed. Ari Perelman, who helped as a player coach for Zunday at this weekend's FSL October meet, has his own player coach project, together with former Satori member Katie Woods. They recruited former Genesis/PD Blue members Ian Bobo and Kyle Collins to compete in Eloy. The NSL News will follow up on this topic.

USPA Nationals 2011 - 4way Open

Who will be in the three medal positions this year?

Arizona Airspeed
Perris Fury
Golden Knights
Paraclete XP4
SDC Rhythm XP
Current Results

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