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Did You Know...

... that Paraclete XP offers a 4on4 indoor 8way camp in December?

Strong air: Paraclete XP tunnel chamber
posted Sep 30th, 2011 - An interesting project is coming up for the 8way fans at the beginning of December. Two Paraclete XP members (Kirk Verner and John D’Annunzio) and two Golden Knights (Brian "BK" Krause, Kurt Isenbarger) are joining forces for an 8way training camp at the Paraclete XP windtunnel in Raeford, North Carolina.

The 16-foot chamber is big enough, and the air flow strong enough for 8way training, even for 8way competition. The NSL News had reported the Paraclete XP Indoor Skydiving Championships 2011 live from the event site, and it included the first indoor 8way competition ever.

The 8way experiences at this event now motivated the four 8way and tunnel experts to offer 8way training to every interested Formation Skydiving fan. The new NSL-TV video clip features footage of the indoor competition in February from different angles, including the competition videos of the complete Golden Knights lineup.

Click on the banner for 4on4 tunnel camp information
Golden Knights lineup at the indoor meet in February
8way indoor training camp is not new to the two top teams, who posted previously unseen meet averages at the indoor competition, and the seven other lineups who attended the same event in February. However, there is a special deal for the 8way training camp in December that makes it even more attractive for the 8way fans.

Paraclete XP will apply the player coach concept at the camp, which has been well known and very popular in 4way. Kirk Verner, John D’Annunzio, Brian Krause and Kurt Isenbarger will fly with four participants of the camp to make it a 4on4 lineup.

The 4on4 format provides immediate feedback between coach and player who fly together in one piece. The participants also have a coach across the formations to learn the 8way communication. Finally, the participants will learn from their coaches and piece partners how to apply windtunnel power.

Paraclete 2011Rd. 1Rd. 2Rd. 3Rd. 4Rd. 5Rd. 6Rd. 7Rd. 8Rd. 9Rd. 10TotalAvg
1 Golden Knights 38 27 34 23 30 27 24 19 39 2028128.1
2Paraclete XP8 30 22 28 19 26 23 17 18 38 1823923.9
3Roguish Fury 25 18 21 13 20 12 19 17 25 1418418.4
4Buttard 8 17 16 17 14 16 14 17 10 17 1215015.0
5Monster 22 14 8 12 13 12 11 11 19 913113.1
6French Connection 18 14 13 12 14 9 11 4 13 1011811.8
7SDC8XP 14 14 12 11 10 8 13 8 14 1011411.4
7Infinity 8 15 14 9 12 12 12 11 8 12 911411.4
98 Loko 7 7 3 1 6 4 5 6 7 6525.2
1-point victory: Golden Knights at the World Cup 2011
The four coaches who join forces in December first have to compete against each other before the camp comes up. The USPA Nationals 2011 will most likely see Paraclete XP4 and the Golden Knights Gold lineup in a battle for medals in 4way.

Then they will continue with their own teams in 8way where the Golden Knights dominate the competition. The USA Army team just defeated the reigning 8way world champions from France at the World Cup 2011 and are naturally the top contender in 8way at the USPA Nationals.

Kirk Verner, John D’Annunzio, Brian Krause and Kurt Isenbarger will then join forces after the competition in Eloy and share their 8way experiences and skills with the participants of the 4on4 tunnel camp. More information and details can be found by clicking here.

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