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Did You Know...

... that the Mideast Skydiving League welcomed a new Rookie Class team?

First two meets with Jenacity
posted Sep 8th, 2011 - The August meet of the Mideast Skydiving League at Start Skydiving introduced a new 4-way collegiate team that competed in the Rookie Class for the first time. A team of the University of Cincinnati had disbanded earlier after the graduation of one of its members. Two students were left looking for a collegiate team.

Two other students luckily happened to be at Start Skydiving, one from the University of Indiana-Bloomington and one from the University of Denver. They were willing to join forces, and the new team was formed.

The Back It Up And Dump It lineup consists of Emily MacDonald (Point), Rob Corson (Center Inside), Kyle Whittier (Center Outside), Clark Bockelman (Tail), and recent Cincinnati graduate Tyler Roemer is on camera. Rob Corson has less than 50 jumps, and the MESL August meet was the first time the lineup was jumping together.

MESL 2011 AugustRound 1Round 2Round 3Round 4Round 5Round 6TotalAvg
RankAA ClassC,L,15A,E,189,224,1B,11,QG,K,14TotalAvg
1Tenacity 8 11 10 5 9 6498.2
1Back It Up and Dump It 2 3 0 2--71.8
Next two meets with Tenacity
The Back It Up And Dump It members were not so sure what they were getting into, especially since Kyle Whittier was doing tandem videos for work while fitting in the meet jumps. However, Tenacity member Joan Esson said that the new team had a great time. They are now planning to attend the USPA Collegiates at the end of the year.

Tenacity attended the same meet, which was the second one this year with the original lineup. Center Inside Tristan Donley had a baby earlier this year, and John Hart Jr. had filled her slot at the first two meets of the 2011 season. Arianna Williams, Shannon Sweeny and Joan Esson now have their original member back, and the team is back in full swing.

The 8.2 average is the highest result of the 2011 season, for Jenacity and Tenacity both, and it includes a new 11-point highscore for a single round. Tenacity outscored the three Midwest Skydiving League teams in the AA Class and took the first place on the overall leaderboard of the August 27 weekend.

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