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Did You Know...

... that teams and competitors record the draw in many different ways?

Judges, teams and competitors at the competition draw
posted Aug 1st, 2011 - It's a beautiful morning in Saarlouis-Duren, Germany, and the World Cup 2011 is on its way. The first DO 28 loads took off at 8 AM, and the teams are set in order of the expected ranking, according to the last FAI/IPC results.

The first NSL-TV video clip goes back to yesterday's official opening briefing with the competition draw. It was done live on stage and in front of the teams and competitors, as the NSL News reported yesterday.

The video begins with a closer look at the British headquarters in Tent City. The UK delegation is prepared for a fun week, as toys and games are all over the place. There will be no lack of entertainment for the UK teams, even if the weather interfered, which seems to be unlikely, except a possible short interruption on Wednesday. It is also not very difficult to find the British headquarters...

Different ways of recording of the competition draw
The NSL-TV camera zoomed in on teams and competitors during the competition draw who were taking notes in all kind of different ways and with all kind of different gadgets. Printout versions of the competition draw have really become history, at least at an event like a World Cup.

The teams began with the dirtdives as soon as the competition was over. Actually, the 8way teams did not wait that long. There draw was completed first, and they took action while the 4way draw was in progress. The Dutch 8way team M8Trix was probably the first to be seen dirtdiving.

The teams were all over the dropzone to prepare their competition rounds. However, the NSL News was not able to spot the two 4way top contenders from Belgium and France. They must have found a quiet place for their work, as did Andy Delk with the Russian Illusions. His spot was finally discovered, not only by the NSL-TV camera. The judges will soon begin with the evaluation of the first competition jumps.

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