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Did You Know...

... that Katie Woods had a busy FSL weekend in DeLand?

At the end of a busy day: Katie Woods with Billy Schmitz
posted Jun 23rd, 2011 - The last meet report of the past weekend comes from Florida where three teams endured the first of the two "FSL Summer Heat" competitions. The Florida Skydiving League used to run the competition season only throughout the fall, winter and spring months in the early years. The schedule was synchronized with the other leagues when the NSL Network grew. The next part of the "FSL Summer Heat" will take place in Sebastian.

However, new Rookie Class competitors (Michael B. Anderson, Randy Cutlip, Renee Zena, Lauren Luckie) used a great coaching opportunity that this FSL weekend offered for the participants. Former Satori member Katie Woods was available before traveling back to Europe and helped all three teams on both weekend days.

She was filming Teiwaz and provided DeLand Ice with free coaching whenever there was enough time. Hal Spence was helping the Rookie Class team, as well, and he was also on camera for DeLand Ice, together with Steve Park. Katie Woods then continued as a player coach for the YaYa Sisters on Sunday.

Back to the other job at the Perfect Spot: Lauren Luckie
The help by Katie Woods even materialized in numbers on the scoreboard. The DeLand Ice rookies started with a Zero in Round 1 and got their first scoring point at a competition in Round 2. Then they added two more points in each round and finished with a 5-pointer in Round 4.

DeLand Ice member Lauren Luckie is also running the DZ restaurant Perfect Spot when she is not jumping. She had to get back to work as soon as the Saturday part of the meet weekend was over and prepare for a birthday party that would take place at the end of the day. She quickly changed from jumpsuit to management dress after the four Rookie Class rounds.

The Florida Skydiving League has a special treat for the Rookie Class competitors of the 2011 season. iFLY Orlando sponsors the Florida Skydiving League monthly with complimentary tunnel time on each first Tuesday of the month at 10:00 PM, beginning with the "FSL Tunnel Kicker" on July 5th. The Florida Skydiving League offers this special treat to the newcomers in the sport (4-way Rookie Class and A Class competitors) who are invited to fly with player coaches at those events. Reservations can be made by e-mail. The FSL will then also run a 2-on-2 tunnel camp subsequently where participants can learn even more.

FSL 2011 - June MeetRound 1Round 2Round 3Round 4Round 5Round 6TotalAvg
RankAAA Class 20,14,KM,4,D,FQ,18,G,2B,1,53,10,1713,E,19TotalAvg
1TeiwazFSL 6 16 10 13 10 106510.8
RankAA Class 20,14M,4,DQ,18,GB,1,KF,2,1513,E,19TotalAvg
1YaYa SistersFSL 5 9----147.0
RankRookie D,L,KM,P,OQ,G,CB,H,JF,A,NE,D,MTotalAvg
1DeLand IceFSL 0 1 3 5--92.3
Not new on camera: Katie Woods with the Cookie Monsters
Katie Woods also filmed the six Teiwaz rounds on Saturday. She was not new on camera. The NSL News had mentioned earlier that she was filming the British team Cookie Monsters at a training camp in DeLand when Gary Smith was coaching. She was a Teiwaz member before this weekend after competing with another Teiwaz lineup at the NSL Championship 2010.

Teiwaz also had Richard "Rambo" Calledare back in the lineup. He and Kurt Gaebel were DeLand VNE team mates between 1993 and 1996. VNE competed for the US delegation at the World Cup 1996 in Belgium. Rob Larsen and Ricardo Pettena completed the 1996 lineup. Craig Buxton and Mario Mauro were earlier VNE members.

Rambo, Rob Larsen and Mario Mauro have joined Teiwaz for VNE reunions here and there, while they have participated more regularly in big-way events in the past years. However, Rambo said that he had great fun and wants to do more 4-way now.

Jim Prohaska, Hal Spence and Billy Schmitz with Cold Turkey in 2008
Katie Woods continued as a player coach for the YaYa Sisters on Sunday and added two more rounds in the AA Class to her weekend's activities. Cheryl Kenlin (Point) and Martha Scott (Tail) are two original YaYa Sisters, a recreational 4-way lineup that trained in DeLand with Mike "Michigan" Sandberg and competed once in a while at the FSL meets years ago.

Jim Prohaska (Center Inside) was a Cold Turkey member of 2008, together with Fraser Feltner, Renee Power and Hal Spence. Cold Turkey won the NSL Championship 2008 in the Rookie Class by one single point over Carolina Groove (102 - 101). By the way: Arizona Airspeed videographer Bill Schmitz was filming Rookie Class team Cold Turkey that year...

Steve Park was on camera for the YaYa Sisters with brother Jim Prohaska last weekend. Jim Prohaska has continued with different 4-way lineups and projects in the meantime and is ready for the AAA Class competition. He used the opportunity to listen carefully to what Katie Woods was bringing to the table.

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