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Did You Know...

... that Russia has a strong delegation for the World Cup 2011?

World Cup 2009 in Prostejov, Czech Republic
posted Jun 7th, 2011 - The first week in August will bring the biggest international meet of the 2011 season to the NSL News audience, the World Cup 2011, which will be hosted by Germany this year. The NSL News will provide live coverage from the competition site in Saarlouis.

The total number of currently registered teams is already higher compared to the World Cup 2009 in Prostejov, Czech Republic, where the NSL News was also live on site. 29 teams competed in 4-way in 2009, plus five 8-way teams. 28 teams are pre-registered in 4-way for this year's event, additional ten teams plan to compete in 8-way.

There was no team from the USA in Prostejov in 2009. In fact, all participating teams were from Europe. This time, two 4-way teams and one 8-way team from the USA and a 4-way team from Australia will make the trip to Germany.

8-way awards in Menzelinsk 2010
Russia and the United Kingdom both had the maximum number of four teams represent their countries in 4-way in 2009, and they have currently once again the strongest delegations for this year's event in the Open Class. Both countries had also teams in the female 4-way category and in 8-way in Prostejov, and they will have them this year in Germany, as well.

Russia even sends a second 8-way team to Saarlouis. The first Russian 8-way team is the Barkli lineup that won the bronze medals at the World Championship of Formation Skydiving 2010 in Menzelinsk. The Crystal Contour 8-way team had won bronze medals for Russia at the World Cup in Prostejov 2009. The second Russian 8-way team in Germany this year is more like a fun pickup team.

The 8-way competition in Germany will not only have twice as many teams as in 2009. The competition could also be a copy of the 8-way thriller in Menzelinsk last year where France and USA battled for the gold medals. Most likely, Russia's Barkli lineup will also be much closer to the two top teams in Saarlouis.

Bronze medals for Russia in 2010: Sky Panthers
Two of the four Russian teams (Black Cat, Skylight Barkli) made it to the Finals in 2009 (Round 10), the other two teams (Kaktus Hunter, Cross Road) were done after the Semifinals (Round 9). Only one of the four UK teams (SonicNutz) made it to the Semifinals in 2009.

France sent the national A-Team and the two B-Teams to the World Cup in 2009. Aerodyne Cypres Maubeuge won the gold medals, and Aerokart Pamiers Maubeuge finished in 6th place after Round 10. Aerokart Amada Maubeuge did not make it to the Finals. National manager Jeremie Rollett sends the A-Team and both new B-Teams to Germany this year.

The Russian bronze medalist of the World Meet 2010, Sky Panthers, did not compete in Prostejov. The new Sky Panthers lineup has the same three members of 2010 but will once again compete under Skylight Barkli as in 2009. Black Cat will also return to the World Cup with the team's new lineup.

Russian Nationals 2010Round1Round2Round3Round4Round5Round6Round7Round8Round9Round10TotalAvg
RankAAA Class7,4,M9,A,122,D,O,2019,17,311,Q,K,C21,L,15H,E,N,14B,P,F,J,G12,8,510,6,16TotalAvg
1Sky Panthers26 26 23 22 27 22 23 45 19 21 25425.4
2Black Cat24 29 24 21 27 19 27 39 19 14 24324.3
3Gradient Alpha23 24 19 19 23 19 24 41 17 18 22722.7
4Kaktus Hunter19 25 18 17 26 18 22 39 15 17 21621.6
5Ocean 521 23 18 15 24 19 19 28 17 19 20320.3
6Sky 4518 18 17 15 19 16 21 26 14 15 17917.9
Kaktus Hunter at the World Cup 2009
The other two Russian teams for the World Cup 2011 are Gradient Alpha and Sky 45. The ranking order at the Russian Nationals 2010 was the qualification factor for the World Cup this year. Sky Panthers, Black Cat and Gradient Alpha were in the first three places.

Kaktus Hunter (4th) and Ocean 5 (5th) did not continue after the end of the 2010 season, and Sky 45 was the next team in line. This offers some members of two new Russian teams the opportunity to compete at the World Cup for the first time in 4-way. Some Gradient Alpha members were in the 8-way lineup at the World Cup 2009, and some had also competed for Cross Road in 2007 and 2009.

The strict application of the qualification rules in Russia do not allow one of the Russian top teams to compete at the World Cup. SportLoto actually defeated Gradient Alpha at this year's season opener in Kolomna after a jump-off. Former Kaktus Hunter and new SportLoto members Egor Gusev and Andrew Kharitonov would actually be eligible, but they are short one more person to qualify for the World Cup 2011. They will now focus on the Russian Nationals 2011.

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