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Did You Know...

... that Thomas Hughes and Niklas Hemlin had their own NSL Talk show in Bedford?

Awards ceremony of the World Challenge 2011
posted Apr 27th, 2011 - The NSL News goes back to the World Challenge 2011. There is still unpublished NSL Reality-TV footage that has been waiting to be edited. Of course, there is also still plenty of additional CamScore footage of the tunnel competition, which will be fed in whenever there is time and opportunity.

The new clip includes video footage that was captured at Bodyflight Bedford between the completion of the meet and the award ceremony. Participants and visitors entertained themselves in the FlowHouse while host Paul Mayer prepared the downstairs hangar for the award ceremony.

The NSL-TV camera was first filming the celebrations in the FlowHouse for a few minutes before joining the crowd for the award ceremony, which turned out to be a dangerous place for cameras. There was quite some champagne in the air a few times. The NSL News equipment survived unharmed.

NSL Talk with Joey Jones and the delegation from Ireland
FlowHouse and award hangar were both noisy places, which was not a surprise since the crowd had a good very time. The surprise in this NSL-TV clip comes when it switches from the award ceremony to footage that was recorded without knowledge of the NSL News.

Arizona Airspeed members Thomas Hughes and Niklas Hemlin found the NSL-TV equipment unattended in the Spa area where a few previous NSL Talk sessions at the World Challenge 2011 had taken place.

They first decided to run their their own 2-man show, and the video footage of the introduction looks really professional. Unfortunately, they had not figured out how to get the audio recorded, as well, and the first part of this special NSL Talk is very quiet compared to the noisy background of the FlowHouse and the award ceremony...

World Challenge 2011Round1Round2Round3Round4Round5Round6Round7Round8Round9Round10TotalAvg
R.AAA Class10,C,520,P,2H,M,Q,K,AL,J,16,12E,7,15O,11,2214,B,176,13,94,3,211,G,8TotalAvg
1NMP-PCH Hayabusa27 25(-1)65 29 33 23(-1)28 28 22(-2)25 30530.5
2Arizona Airspeed26 24(-2)60(-2)27 34 24(-1)27(-1)28 23 25 29829.8
3Aerodyne Aerokart Maubeuge26 25 52 27 31(-1)25 29 27 24 24 29029.0
4XL25 24 58 24 32 24 26 25 21 23(-1)28228.2
Airspeed focus on surfing in the FlowHouse
The second part of the special feature NSL Talk session has the audio too, as the Airspeed anchors must have figured out the technology of the equipment. Thomas Hughes and Niklas Hemlin had now invited Airspeed Point Josh Hall and host Paul Mayer to join the conversation.

The 4-some chatted about the event, and the Airspeed members focused mainly on their surfing experiences in the FlowHouse. Earlier NSL-TV clips had shown some of the wipeouts, which did not cause any injuries. Niklas Hemlin mentioned though that "you have to embrace them"...

The Airspeed show was done very nicely, and the new anchors are just as welcome as famous NSL Talk anchor Joey Jones to join the NSL News events at any time and take the lead. The NSL-TV microphone is obviously always open for everybody, even if it doesn't seem so at times...

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