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Did You Know...

... that Dutch team Whooops was the last Shamrock team leaving DeLand?

Whooops at the Shamrock Showdown 2011
posted Mar 21st, 2011 - Only one team was still in DeLand on Monday morning after the Shamrock Showdown 2011. Whooops from the Netherlands still had a light training day on Sunday after the conclusion of the competition on Saturday afternoon.

The NSL News used the opportunity to invite the four Whooops 2011 members to an NSL Talk before they gave their coach Gary Smith a ride to the Orlando airport and their own departure in the evening. The Whooops competition jumps are coming along with the video of the conversation.

The Netherlands have a wide open slot for the new national 4-way team when Dynamic Fource stepped back after the World Championship of Formation Skydiving 2010. Whooops is one of the teams that will be in contention for the national title and the status as the new Dutch national 4-way team.

Working with coach Gary Smith after the opening ceremony
The Shamrock Showdown 2011 served as the first test this year, and the international field offered a great opportunity to get used to competing with teams from other countries, as it were the case if Whooops won the national championships this year.

In Deland last weekend, the Dutch team tried to keep up with the new national team from Denmark, Bodyflight Voluntas, and SonicNutz from the United Kingdom. Both teams could be Whooops competition at the World Meet 2012 in Dubai.

The other UK team Boogie Nights was also scoring in the same area on the leaderboard, as well as two US teams, Teiwaz Falcon and SDC Furies XP. There surely was enough competition for each team.

Shamrock Showdown 2011Round1Round2Round3Round4Round5Round6Round7Round8Round9Round10TotalAvg
RankAAA ClassN,H,3,1J,4,C,137,17,19B,20,1512,22,MF,18,2E,16,9G,8,21P,A,11,1410,Q,D,LTotalAvg
10Bodyflight Voluntas16 17 14 13 12 14 21 13 16 17 15315.3
11SonicNutz15 17 14 15 13 16 18 15 16 13 15215.2
12Teiwaz Falcon15 15 14 15 12 16 16 14 15 17 14914.9
13Boogie Nights14 14 15 15 13 1520 13 14 13 14614.6
14Whooops15 14 14 13 12 12 17 13 15 16 14114.1
15SDC Furies XP11 13 13 14 14 15 10 15 13 12612.6
NSL Talk with Team Whooops
Whooops did really well at the first meet with the new lineup. Joyce Oosting has replaced Peter Tak in the Tail slot this year, and the team members consider the 14.1 average at the Shamrock Showdown the team's best performance so far. Whooops has a 14.2 average in the team records. However, the results of the Dutch Nationals 2010 were supported by a fast sequence of only random formations, while the competition draw at the Shamrock Showdown 2011 was slow.

The Whooops members expect the toughest opposition in the Netherlands this year from last year's AAA Class rival Ignition and possibly from AA Class team Creeps who will step up into the AAA Class this year.

Many teams in the Netherlands work with DeLand Majik and DeLand Fire 4-way world champion Gary Smith as the coach who now lives on the Dutch island of Texel. Ignition also has a different coach. Dynamic Fource member Erwin van den Braak is working with Ignition and knows all the tricks that Gary Smith is teaching, as Gary Smith was also coaching Dynamic Fource. It will be an interesting year in the Netherlands, and the NSL News will follow the race for the 4-way title.

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