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Did You Know...

... that Dennis Praet created another cool video clip of NMP-PCH Hayabusa at Aerokart?

NSL Talk with NMP-PCH Hayabusa in DeLand
posted Mar 10th, 2011 - NMP-PCH Hayabusa made it to DeLand eventually, after an interesting travel adventure from Belgium to Florida. Rainy weather on the first day after arrival allowed the Belgian national team to meet with the NSL News for a live chat where the team members tell their travel story.

The video of the NSL Talk also includes another clip that new Hayabusa member Dennis Praet put together after the Aerokart Indoor Championship 2011 where his team finished with a 29.8 average after ten indoor rounds.

The young Hayabusa Point showed his editing talent on NSL TV the first time after the Dubai Championship 2011. The story on 13 January 2011 included a video clip of Hayabusa's Dubai experience. The new piece provides footage of Hayabusa's visit at Aerokart.

Thomas Hughes draws a sequence at the Shamrock Showdown 2007
The NSL Talk took place at a new and unusual location. Previous NSL Talk in DeLand was recorded in the NSL office or at different spots of Skydive DeLand during team training or live events. This time, the Clarion Hotel DeLand hosted the new NSL Talk.

Teams and competitors will go back to the Clarion Hotel next Thursday. Competition draw, meet briefing and reception with team introduction are scheduled for 7:00 PM. Aerodyne is sponsoring snacks and appetizers, while the Clarion Hotel provides the facilities for this event.

It will be a live competition draw, as usual at the Shamrock Showdown 2011, where the participating teams and competitors create their own sequences for the ten rounds, drawn live from the hat.

Waiting for the competition draw in 2007
This year's event can offer a more sophisticated opening ceremony on Thursday evening since the Friday is now a full competition day. In the past, the competition draw took place at the dropzone around noon, as the first meet jumps were scheduled for Friday afternoon. This year, Round 1 is scheduled for Friday morning.

The competition draw on Thursday evening at the Clarion Hotel also makes it a easier for the teams accommodated at the same location. In fact, the hotel management even goes a step further and has promised to set up a creeper pad.

Most teams engineer and dirtdive the competition jumps right after the competition draw. It happens quite often that a transition requires a closer look from the eye level on the creepers. Teams will have the opportunity to use creepers right away at the reception as soon as the competition draw has been completed.

Hayabusa lineup of 2003
The NSL Talk with the Hayabusa members took place right in front of the conference room where the reception will be hosted. The conversation included Hayabusa's team history and the near future.

Some things have recently changed, not only the lineup with new Point Dennis Praet, as the Belgian team tries to get to the very top of the leaderboard. Hayabusa has been working with two coaches to find the real and specific Hayabusa style. Joey Jones is mostly in charge of the outdoor training, while Gary Smith takes care of the team in the windtunnel.

It is also interesting that three Hayabusa members, brothers Andy and David Grauwels and Roy Janssen, have been together for an even longer time period than the French brothers Mathieu and Guillaume Bernier with Jeremie Rollett and Julien Degen. France and Belgium both have the longest standing 4-way teams, not considering Airspeed's 1-way lineup of 17 years, Mark Kirkby. But all that is enough for a different story...

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