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Did You Know...

... that CamScore has updated the dive pool program?

Chief Judge Gary Taylor and Meet Director Ian Mackenzie
posted Feb 15th, 2011 - The competition draw for the Valentine's Meet 2011 was posted timely on Friday evening at the front page, including the links to the usual printout options. The numbers and letters for blocks and random formations were accurate, and the printouts for the competition draw were still not correct.

The changes of the dive pool that the NSL News published and commented with the stories on 29 January 2011 and 1 February 2011 had not made it into the CamScore system before the NSL News traveled to Eloy last weekend.

Meet Director Ian Mackenzie had to announce on Friday evening that the teams have to apply the changes in the dive pool, even if they don't show on the printouts. However, Jo Bell and Andy Mansfield have now completed the necessary adjustments in the program, which can be downloaded for free for everybody who needs a home-made competition draw.

Jo Bell with judges at the Shamrock Showdown 2010
The CamScore program for the competition draw will once again be used for the 2011 season, as it has been working very well for the NSL Network. CamScore's Jo Bell and Andy Mansfield will also service the next two upcoming meets that the NSL News will cover live from the competition site with the judging and DZ-TV system.

First, they will travel from the United Kingdom to Deland for the Shamrock Showdown 2011, where judges Eric Heinsheimer, Judy Celaya and Cherie Schuch will push the buttons.

Then the NSL News makes the reverse trip to the United Kingdom a few weeks later to work with CamScore at the World Challenge 2011. Eric Heinsheimer has the same travel agenda, together with several teams and competitors.

"Spy" Mark Kirkby and coach Marin Ferre observe the French teams training in the windtunnel on Sunday evening
The NSL News mentioned during the coverage of the Valentine's Meet 2011 that the French national team in the Open Class, Aerodyne Cypres, had accepted the NSL News invitation for a live NSL Talk on Sunday afternoon. The video of the conversation has been uploaded and is now available for reviews.

National coach Marin Ferre had just finished up the debriefing with the complete team, including videographer Olivier Henaff, and there was still an indoor training session on the agenda for Sunday evening. The debriefing was for the whole jumping day, as the French team continued with training jumps after completing the last two rounds of the 10-round meet.

Coach and team members talked about the situation before, during and after the Valentine's Meet 2011. They had to realize that the new Arizona Airspeed lineup will be a very tough opponent for the upcoming two years. Being involved in 8-way at the same time will not make it much easier. The NSL News will get back later to this topic.

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