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Did You Know...

... that the judges are now working on the scores for Rounds 7 and 8?

Judges at work in Eloy
posted Feb 13th, 2011 - It's another cool morning at the Valentine's Meet 2011, even though the temperature is not as low as Saturday morning. Only a few teams continue after the official conclusion of the meet yesterday, including Arizona Airspeed and France Aerodyne Maubeuge, of course.

The videos of Rounds 7 and 8 are now available, while the judges are currently working on the scores for those two rounds. The audience of this NSL News live coverage also includes judges who use the opportunity of the uploaded videos to sharpen their own skills.

USPA National Judge and Mass Defiance member Jim Rees sent some feedback to Eloy. He had taken a closer look at the videos of Round 5. He said that it was not easy to figure out the numbers of the two top teams (30 - 27) on the scoreboard.

Average performance in Rounds 7 and 8: Arizona Airspeed
The numbers of Rounds 7 and 8 will follow very soon. Airspeed is ten points ahead of France after six rounds, and the team members mentioned in yesterday's NSL Talk that they had an average performance in those two rounds. France may have a chance to cut into Airspeed's lead.

Bryan Burke, who is usually Meet Director at the events in Eloy, provided some interesting thoughts, as well. He is currently busy preparing for his safety presentation at the PIA Symposium. He related to the earlier NSL News story that mentioned Airspeed's only defeat on home turf in 1999.

He said that the results of the Valentine's Meet have indicated in the past who would become the upcoming 4-way world champion, with a few exceptions. The NSL News will do some research of this topic later on.

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