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Did You Know...

... that Airspeed is aiming at a new performance level?

Airspeed has the upper hand at the moment
posted Feb 12th, 2011 - It is a 25.6 average after Round 5, and Arizona Airspeed's average will only go up in Round 6. It is not really a battle with Aerodyne Maubeuge any longer, the new Airspeed lineup is aiming at a new and unknown performance level.

The reigning 4-way world champions are not having the best competition in their career, as it is quite obvious. However, even the world champion lineup of 2010 may have been in trouble this time.

French coach Marin Ferre will remain the only person in Eloy who ever beat Airspeed on their home turf. He has a lot of work ahead to get the French national team ready for the next opportunity to beat Airspeed at the Shamrock Showdown 2011. Aerodyne Maubeuge has the remainder of the meet to at least win a round here and there. Stay tuned.

Arizona Airspeed is chasing the Valentine's 24.6 record average

The videos of Round 3 have been uploaded, while Arizona Airspeed has already added two more point to the lead in Round 4. Aerodyne Maubeuge won Round 1 and then never again so far. Airspeed surely has the momentum now that the French national team lost in Round 2.

Airspeed is also dangerously close to the 24.6 average that the NSL News mentioned yesterday. The next two rounds will lift the average significantly higher. Then it will be Airspeed's job to keep it up as long and as high as possible.

The NSL News audience may have it wrong this time for once, as the last results of the poll show France ahead of Airspeed. Stay tuned for more.

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