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Did You Know...

... that only French coach Marin Ferre has ever won on Airspeed's home turf?

Eloy organizer for the day and AZSL Director Jocelyn Bernatchez
posted Feb 11th, 2011 - The team registration is complete at the Valentine's Meet 2011, and the competition draw has been handed out to the teams on site.

What a difference it is compared to the Valentine's Meet last year. The lowest participation in the history of the event sparked new efforts to bring the Valentine's Meet and the Arizona Skydiving League back to new life, and this year's results are impressive.

Airspeed veteran Mark Kirkby and Arizona Frenzy members Jocelyn Bernatchez and Ian Mackenzie have worked together and created Project Home Team, as the NSL News reported earlier. Six local and regional teams compete in the AA Class and in the A Class and make it a 12-team leaderboard this weekend. Four teams total had attended the Valentine's Meet 2010...

Hard work at the end of the day: Coach Marin Ferre and Deep Blue Defenders
The new video shows more Airspeed training action, as Niklas Daniel enjoys his job with Airspeed and the creative video work, as well. The NSL News is a grateful taker of the footage, and so is probably the NSL News audience and especially the Airspeed fans...

The leaderboard is ready for world class scores in the AAA Class competition and prepared for the competition in the other categories. Two military lineups from Brazil, X-Dogs in the AAA Class and Fenix in the AA Class, are coached and guided by CTR Optimum member André Ferraz.

French Deep Blue Defender Amélie Tirmanto said that her new lineup wants to honor the two pregnant former Deep Blue team mates, Bérangère Duplouy and Françoise Simons-Hamouchi, by posting only scores that reflect the Deep Blue performance level. She really had the world champion lineup in her mind when she explained why her new team is not going to compete this weekend.

Won in Eloy in 1999: France with Marin Ferre
Both new or modified blocks have been drawn for the Valentine's Meet competition. Block 13 (Offset - Spinner) comes in Round 4, while Block 1 (Snowflake - Snowflake) has to wait until Round 10. Meet Director Ian Mackenzie said that he will try to get eight rounds completed tomorrow.

The Airspeed outdoor videos don't seem to look much different compared to the performance at the Paraclete XP Indoor Skydiving Championships 2011. There is a good chance that the gold and silver medalists of 2010 may push each other to a new scoring level at the beginning of any competition season.

Airspeed's 24.6 average after ten rounds with the previous lineup last year is the the highest one in the history of the event. Airspeed has also lost the Valentine's Meet at home only once in history. It was the French lineup of 1999 (Marin Ferre, Thiery Boitieux, David Moy, Martial Ferre, with Laurent Pechberty on camera) who caused the home turf damage. Marin Ferre is now coaching the French 4-way teams and wouldn't mind doing it again...

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