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Did You Know...

... that NSL Reality TV follows up with the Paraclete XP4 indoor session?

Preparations for the tunnel training
posted Jan 21st, 2011 - The NSL News day with Paraclete XP4 continued yesterday, even though the live coverage was interrupted after the outdoor training. It's a long drive back to DeLand from Raeford, and there was only enough time to collect indoor footage and to spend a few minutes with the complete team for a new NSL Talk.

The new NSL Reality TV video clip begins when XP4 landed after the last jump at the dropzone. Twelve jumps from 7,000 feet were in the bag, and it was time to make the short drive to the windtunnel.

XP4 had only planned a half hour flying session, and the team decided to follow the training plan. Kirk Verner promised that his team would copy the competition draw of the Dubai Championship 2011 on Friday morning and provide the videos, as well.

Will Pesek with Arizona Airspeed at the Malevsky Cup 2007
The Paraclete wind tunnel was busy at the time when XP4 arrived. Kirk Verner went straight to work and put the dive plan on the board. Vertical Formation Skydiving flyers were in the chamber before it was time for XP4.

The members of the French national VFS 4-way team, gold medalists in Menzelinsk 2010, are currently running a tunnel camp for freeflyers at Paraclete. Will Pesek, former Airspeed videographer and now member of the USPA VFS 4-way champion of 2010, SDC Standard XP, was working in the control room while the French world champions were flying with VFS campers.

The NSL News used the opportunity to ask Will Pesek a few questions while he was watching the freeflyers in the flying chamber. He will continue with the same lineup and try to win the USPA Championship title again this year. SDC Standard XP will then hopefully challenge the French team again at the World Meet in 2012.

Likes to play in the tunnel: Andy Honigbaum with family
The NSL-TV camera followed XP4 through a complete training session for one sequence. The Paraclete home team uses the first flying session to learn the flow and the visuals of the sequence with a slower pace and longer holding times.

The break after the first session is used for a debriefing in the flying chamber. Paraclete is recording each flying session, and a monitor with control panel allows each flyer and group to review the previous session instantly and before entering the chamber again. XP4 is then repeating the same sequence in full speed at the following flying session.

There is usually enough time for the XP4 members to play around for a little while when the team work is done. Full time tunnel instructor Andy Honigbaum seems to enjoy the extra playing time the most, as the video shows.

NSL Talk with Paraclete XP4 and Tim D'Annunzio
The NSL News added a flying session with a special sequence to the video clip. It included Block 3 and shows John Eagle in a kind of action that the 4-way audience has enjoyed for many years. The NMP-PCH Hayabusa members have not been the only Johnny Eagle fans over the years...

The XP4 flying session was interrupted once when the chamber door opened to allow Tim D'Annunzio entry into his own chamber. He has joined the XP4 training more frequently since he is getting ready for his own 4-way competition. The video shows Kirk Verner sitting on the bench while father Tim and son John A'Annunzio train together.

It's no surprise that Tim D'Annunzio is trying to get in shape. He has a very strong team for the Paraclete XP Indoor Skydiving Championships 2011. Brian Johnson, Andy Delk and Dennis Rook will complete his lineup. The NSL Talk session at Paraclete will be uploaded next.

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