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Did You Know...

... that NSL-TV features Aerodyne Cypres Maubeuge's perfect Round 10?

Cheering for the top teams in Menzelinsk
posted Aug 5th, 2010 - It's all said and done at the World Championship of Formation Skydiving 2010, the Fat Lady sang her last song on Wednesday. No jump-off was necessary, as Aerodyne Cypres Maubeuge delivered the most perfect Round 10. It was a flawless performance and one of the best jumps in the history of the sport, if not the best one. It came at the right time.

The NSL-TV camera followed the events of Round 10 for a new NSL Reality TV show. It has become a tradition that the 4-way and 8-way fans on the competition site cheer for the teams when they go to the boarding area, and even more so when it is time for the final round.

Then the planes took off with the last loads of six teams in the 4-way Open Class and another six teams in the female 4-way competition. The outstanding French performance for Round 10 followed a great Arizona Airspeed round on DZ-TV. The video can be reviewed below.

4-way Open Class Top 3 after landing from Round 10
The NSL News used the time after the jump planes took off and the landing for a new NSL Talk session with Joey Jones and Thomas Hughes. This NSL Talk included an update of the Fun Flag situation. Thomas Hughes reported that his successful effort to get the flag, live during another NSL Talk session, did not give the US delegation possession for a very long time. The German delegation managed to steal the Fun Flag despite a strong defense system supported by the Golden Knights.

Then the NSL-TV camera waited for the teams in the landing area after Round 10. The Russian crowd was once again very cheery when the top teams landed. TV camera teams and other media did their job as soon as the teams were on the ground. The reactions of the teams indicated that Airspeed might have won the meet.

It turned out differently, and the NSL News was present when the French celebrations began. Airspeed and Maubeuge members had already timed their jumps before they were judged and shown on DZ-TV. They exchanged their numbers and knew that France would most likely win the last round. The following French party lasted deep into the Wednesday night, and many people decided do let the buses leave without them and find a place to sleep somehow.

Made history: Mathieu Bernier
The award ceremony was scheduled for Thursday afternoon. Teams and competitors could sleep in, as no more jumping was necessary on another day with beautiful weather in Menzelinsk.

All medals of all events were divided between the teams from four different countries: France, USA, Russia, United Kingdom. The three major trophies, two Excalibur swords and Exi's trophy for the female world champions, all went to France.

It was the first time in history that the same nation won all three Formation Skydiving events. It was also the first time in history that one person won 4-way and 8-way gold medals at the same world meet. Mathieu Bernier made history, and his own teams celebrated his success. The NSL News gathered several French world champions later on for a new NSL Talk session, including Mathieu Bernier. The video will be uploaded very soon.

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