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Did You Know...

... that NSL-TV catches up with videos of Round 4 in the female 4-way competition?

Golden Knights extra action on Tuesday morning?
posted Aug 3rd, 2010 - Tuesday morning begins with 8-way competition, Vertical Relative Work and the Artistic Events. All 4-way teams will start their day in the afternoon.

There is no doubt that the second day of the 8-way competition will be extremely exciting and telling. It seems like Aerodyne Cypres Maubeuge created the 3-point lead by trying as hard as the team potential allows, while the US Army team puts the scores out as they were expected after an intensive training schedule.

The Golden Knights want to win, no doubt, and they cannot expect the French 8-way team to slow down. Coach Erwan Pouliquen is a former 4-way world champion and won the 8-way gold medals in 2006 and 2008. He knows his business, and he knows the potential of his current lineup. It is very unlikely that he will call his team back and perform more conservatively.

The Golden Knights will simply have to increase energy and pace if they want to catch up. A 3-point difference is not much at all, but it needs to be reduced somehow. The first jumps on Tuesday morning will tell what the strategy is on both ends.

German underdog on the heels: Spaceland Blue with coach Thomas Hughes
Then there is the Russian 8-way team. Are they already out of the race for the gold medals? Not at all. The scores of Round 2 show clearly what the Barkli team can do. The Russians don't have the judges on their side yet and lost four points so far. They are standing with the back to the wall if they want to win, and they have six more rounds to eliminate a 9-point difference. They have nothing to lose any longer, the bronze medals are guaranteed. They can take chances. Round 5 will also show how Barkli will try to get closer to the US team and France.

The NSL-TV captured a few rounds of Round 4 in the female 4-way category on Monday evening. The video is available now and shows Sweden, Germany and the US team. Spaceland Blue and ISB Air are battling for the bronze medal position, with the German team as the underdog and surprise of the meet. The US team is aware of how close the Germans are and took back the 3rd place in Round 4 with an energetic performance. Both teams lost two points each, Blue still won by two points and is now one single point ahead.

By the way: the video quality should become significantly better very soon, while it will take longer to show them. The Russian host promised to provide copies of the original footage on DVDs that the NSL News will then forward to the audience as soon as possible.

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