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Did You Know...

... that the dropzone in Menzelinsk got very busy Saturday afternoon?

NSL Talk with Joey Jones and Eric Heinsheimer
posted Jul 31st, 2010 - The NSL-TV camera went on another little DZ tour after the NSL Talk with Eric Heinsheimer, Lena and Joey Jones. There were still busy training activities.

It was easier to get the last group in front of the camera, as nobody was jumping.

Everybody was busy, as Joey Jones is coaching the Swedish female 4-way team and helps NMP-PCH Hayabusa whenever he is needed. Lena Jones is packing for many competitors, and Eric Heinsheimer was in judging training on Saturday.

However, the NSL News was hoping to get the top teams for some NSL Talk for a few minutes, and it actually worked out.

Polaris gets to work after the competition draw
Arizona Airspeed visited the new and improvised NSL News studio in Menzelinsk while they were waiting for their call to board the plane. Aerodyne Cypres Maubeuge was done with the training jumps when they took a few minutes for the NSL News. It was interesting to get a few comments of the two top contenders on the evening before the first competition jumps.

The NSL-TV camera captured several different teams and scenes before that. After the competition draw, the NSL-TV camera continued with the DZ tour and captured the teams' activities to prepare for the first jumps tomorrow.

The competition draw is posted, and the PDF files with the sequences will be uploaded soon. Joey Jones and a guest commentator will discuss the competition draw in detail tomorrow morning. The interviews with Airspeed and France will be uploaded soon.

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