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Did You Know...

... that MESL team Tenacity has a coach who knows how to win medals?

On top of the A Class: M.O.I.S.T. from Norway
posted Jul 21st, 2010 - Last weekend's leaderboard is complete, 58 teams participated in all four categories. The AAA Class leaderboard has been evaluated carefully with previous stories. An additional interesting aspect is the fact that the Top 5 teams represent five different countries (Finland - USA - France - Norway - Germany). Two of those five teams (Pro Team, X3M4S Elements) will soon travel to Menzelinsk in Russia and compete at the World Championship of Formation Skydiving 2010.

The other three competition classes have their own special stories, as well. The A Class, with only eight blocks and all random formations in the dive pool, is still much more popular in Europe. It is the category where teams make their first experiences with block techniques after starting in the Rookie Class and only random formations. All eleven A Class teams last weekend were from three different European countries.

It was the opposite situation in the AA Class where only US teams competed last weekend. The European countries apply the AA Class, as well, but there were no teams competing in this category last weekend. By the way: there were also 19 French intermediate teams competing in Pamiers last weekend, in addition to the 15 listed AAA Class teams. France applies a different set of rules for the intermediate class.

Tenacity with coach Niklas Hemlin
A team from the Mideast Skydiving League caught the NSL News attention when all scores were posted. Tenacity seems to become a top contender for the AA/Intermediate Class competition at the USPA Nationals 2010. The 11.2 average at the team's second meet this year won the 1st place in the AA Class last weekend.

Tenacity is an all-female lineup (Tristan Donley - Inside Center, Joan Esson - Tail, Jane McGuire - Outside Center, Arianna Williams - Point, Beth Shell on camera) that trains under Niklas Hemlin's guidance at Start Skydiving. Niklas Hemlin is a former Team Fastrax member.

Tenacity posted a 10.2 average at the first MESL 2010 meet in May. The video shows the team in action at the May meet.

USPA Nationals 2009Round1Round2Round3Round4Round5Round6Round7Round8Round9Round10TotalAvg
1VTSD12 13 14 18 15 14 10 12 14 13113.1
2Carolina Ice10 12 11 15 14 12 12 12 11511.5
3Cross Keys NRG10 10 10 13 12 13 11 10210.2
AA/Intermediate Class silver medals with11.5: Carolina Ice
The 11.2 average did not only win the first place in the AA Class competition of eight teams last weekend. This scoring level is evidence that the MESL team has the potential to win USPA medals this year.

Carolina Turbo XP, formerly known as VTSD, won last year with an outstanding 13.1 average. However, the silver medals went to Carolina Ice with an 11.5 average. Cross Keys NRG won the bronze medals with a 10.2 average, one point ahead of three other AA/Intermediate Class teams.

Tenacity's 11.2 average last weekend followed a 10.2 average in May. The combination of the six rounds in May and in July included 12 of the 16 AA Class blocks and indicates quite realistically the current performance level. Niklas Hemlin is aiming at one of the top positions again, this time as a coach, and he knows how to win medals. The NSL News will keep an extra eye on Tenacity...

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