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Did You Know...

... that the Czech Republic Skydiving League keeps growing?

New Rookie Class lineup: Hvezdy
posted Jul 3rd, 2010 - The new meet weekend is already in full swing while the NSL News wraps up the past weekend with the latest report from the Czech Republic.

The same three A Class teams and the same three Rookie Class teams of the season opener in May attended the second meet of the 2010 season in Príbram. In addition, there was a new Rookie Class lineup, Hvezdy, that joined Jan Klapka's 4-way community in the Czech Republic.

The new Hvezdy lineup also included the competitor with the lowest jump number. Bednár Radek had a total of 109 jumps when he showed up for his first meet last weekend. Pinkava Luboš (160) of the Relative Team and Pardubický Tomáš of the Hot Dogs (170) are on a similar experience level and attended their second meet this year.

Jun26th, 2010Round1Round2Round3Round4Round5Round6TotalAvg
1CZ All 41396.5
2CZ Monkeys325.3
3CZ Accord274.5
1CZ PB Fire11 14 11 11 10 6310.5
1CZ Crazy Dragons13 12 10 10 6310.5
3CZ Relative Team A447.3
1CZ Hot Dogs11 12 17 11 6911.5
2CZ Striga Team15 12 508.3
3CZ Hv?zdy325.3
4CZ Relative Team B142.3
Broke through 10-average level: PB Fire
The ranking order between the three Rookie Class teams at the first meet did not change. However, each team increased the meet averages significantly, especially the Hot Dogs (6.5 - 11.5) in first place. The new Hvezdy lineup managed to finish ahead of the Relative Team's Rookie Class lineup in the team's first meet.

The situation was different in the A Class where the Crazy Dragons had won the May meet easily over PB Fire and the Relative Team. The Crazy Dragons improved the team's meet average (10.0 - 10.5) and it was still just enough to hold on to the first place tied with the charging PB Fire.

PB Fire had a battle with the Relative Team for the second place at the May meet (53 - 50). This time, the same lineup broke through the 10-average level for the first time in the team career and gave the Crazy Dragons a tough race for the Czech top position in the A Class. This race will probably continue.

Not out of the prison yet: Fast Arrows
Three teams signed up for the AAA Class competition this time, one more than at the May meet. All 41 and Monkeys moved up into the AAA Class this year, and the Czech Republic has now created more teams in the IPC Open Class than ever before in the country's 4-way history.

Three other Czech AAA Class teams did not attend the meet and will show later this year that the AAA Class has become so strong. Jan Cermák's Fast Arrows made the move up this year, as well, and had plans to challenge the other Czech AAA Class teams. Unfortunately, Jan Cermák is grounded due to an injury, and the other Fast Arrows have to wait.

The Czech national 4-way champion of the past years, the Sky Walkers, and the toughest challenger, Jan Klapka's Bad Boys, have not even made their debut this year. The Czech AAA Class competition will become very exciting as soon as all teams will get together for the first time.

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