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Did You Know...

... that national Freestyle champions have formed an NPSL 4-way team?

AA Class winer after four rounds: HTH
posted May 25th, 2010 - AAA Class team Evolution Cremona was not the only winner from Italy in one of the four competition classes on last weekend's leaderboard. Fano's home team ASH competed in the AA Class and is still in 1st place with a 10.5 average after all AA Class scores have been posted. Italy's A Class team Saturno 4 finished in 3rd place with a 7.7 average and completed a very strong Italian showing last weekend.

Three competition classes have 13 teams each on the leaderboard, seven teams competed in the AAA Class. The AA Class had the closest race on the top of the leaderboard, and NPSL team HTH actually finished tied in 1st place with a 10.5 average after four rounds.

In fact, HTH was one point ahead of the Italian team after Round 4. Both teams only have the same meet average because ASH-Fano completed two more rounds, while the weather at Skydive Twin City allowed only the completition of four rounds.

Greg Heidemann and Andy Junghans at an NPSL meet in 2005
NSL-TV now features the AA Class competition at the Northern Plains Skydiving League last weekend. HTH is a new combination of experienced 4-way competitors and young NPSL talent.

Greg Heidemann and Andy Junghans have been on a few different local and regional AAA Class lineups ever since the Northern Plains Skydiving League was launched by Sandy Grillet in 2001. The NPSL Director is still competing with his flexible Microburst lineups.

Greg Heidemann and Andy Junghans formed a new lineup for the 2010 season and provide their own 4-way experiences for two new NPSL competitors, Kaleb Lommen and Alissa Olson. HTH has also been using experienced 4-way coaches during their indoor and outdoor training camps. In addition, NPSL Director Sandy Grillet always invites meet coaches to visit and provide as much information as possible at the NPSL meets.

HTH gets ready for a competition jump
Alissa Olson is the youngest member and has barely been skydiving for a year. She has used her 140 jumps very efficiently, as she is easily keeping up with the AA Class challenges and with her team mates. She is flying the Tail slot.

Kaleb Lommen is the forth HTH member in the Center Outside position. He has a total of approx. 400 jumps and is very eager to become a top 4-way competitor. Andy Junghans is the Center Inside, Greg Heidemann the Point.

The potential of the team showed especially in Round 4 where HTH matched Fast Forward's 12-pointer in the AAA Class. The sequence for Round 4 (J,B,C,19) was identical between those two categories. There might be a great AAA Class competition waiting in the near NPSL future.

USPA Freestyle champions since 2005: Merriah and Karl Eakins
Flew-id 4 is another new NPSL lineup with similar potential. Merriah and Karl Eakins are very experienced skydivers with incredible skills. There is a very special reason for their outstanding achievements. They are the reigning US Freestyle champions, Merriah in front and Karl behind the camera.

In fact, the freeflying couple has been the US top team for over a decade. They decided last year, after winning another set of gold medals at the USPA Nationals 2009, that it is time to do something else and formed a 4-way team with local members in the NPSL region.

They have teamed up with John Kretzschmar and Erika Mundinger, Shawn Woods was filming Flew-id 4 last weekend. The 7.0 average after three rounds in the AA Class featured their first 4-way competition jumps. The quality level is as promising as HTH is showing it.

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