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Did You Know...

... that the Hayabusa members kept the NSL Talk promise?

Hayabusa's Andy Grauwels after a jump
posted Mar 27th, 2010 - The NMP-PCH Hayabusa members promised NSL News and audience during the NSL Talk on 18 March 2010 that the Belgian national 4-way team would be back with a new round of NSL Talk after the conclusion of the FSL Shamrock Showdown 2010.

Today's NSL News story features the videos of the Top 10 teams with Round 5 and the Hayabusa interview. This time, the NSL News visited the Belgian team at Skydive DeLand. Hayabusa was still training for a few days after the competition.

The evaluation of the Shamrock Showdown was already completed when the NSL Talk took place. The Hayabusa members had a very good idea of how the meet went for themselves. They had also taken a very close look at the French 4-way team that won the Shamrock Showdown 2010 and is one of the top contenders for the World Championship of Formation Skydiving 2010.

France after a competition jump
The videos of Round 5 show Hayabusa and Aerodyne Cypres Maubeuge both with flawless performances. It was probably surprising or even shocking for Hayabusa that France still won the round by three points.

The Belgian team had just outscored the French team by three points in Round 4, which was probably one of the best performances of the meet. France on the other hand had the downside of the ten rounds in Round 4 and lost the 20-point streak option with the 19-pointer.

Maubeuge obviously recovered without a problem and went from low to peak from one round to the next one. The 1-point lead had now turned into a 4-point lead after Round 5. Hayabusa was pushed back into a well known situation: coming from behind.

Painful Round 5: SDC Rhythm XP
Neither France nor Hayabusa lost any points in Round 5. Perris Fury suffered the next two penalties, which made it a total of 10 points after five rounds. It was impressive to see how the Fury members mastered the major distraction of those siginificant point deductions.

SDC Rhythm XP had the most pain in Round 5 after three penalties. The audience will need a very sharp eye to detect them. Carolina Turbo XP (-2), Mass Defiance (-1), Voluntas (-1), Golden Knights Black (-1), Friday 13 (-1) and Kaizen (-1) were all in the same penalty boat in this round.

The three A Class teams were much cleaner. None of them lost a point in Round 5, and DeLand 5 maintained the 6-point lead.

6-point lead after Round 5: DeLand 5
Penalties can have an advantage, too, at least at the Shamrock Showdown. It is painful to accept a point deduction when it is happening. However, there could be a reward for it later on, literally.

The handicap for the Skins Game, with cash prizes per round, is based on the average that each team carries into the upcoming round. Point deductions hurt each team's feelings, but it hurts the average, as well. The lower average increases the team's chances to win a round after handicap, which could ease the pain after the suffered penalties.

The Skins Game of the Shamrock Showdown begins after Round 5. The first five rounds are used to calculate the point average for each team, then the handicap formula is applied to the raw score for Round 6. The first Skin of $300, sponsored by Complete Parachute Solutions (CPS), was on stake for Round 6, which will be featured next.

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