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Did You Know...

... that Germany's Chicas continue with new member Antje Prochnow?

Chicas lineup of 2010
posted Feb 20th, 2010 - The NSL News reported on 4 January 2010, during the coverage of the Dubai Championship, that the German national team in the female 4-way category, Chicas, competed in Dubai with a new team member.

Antje Prochnow was already a member of the German national 4-way team in 2005/2006 but missed the World Meet on home turf due to an injury. She came back as a member of the German Open Class team Final Four in 2007 and continued with pick up teams on a lower commitment level. Finally, she became the alternate for the Chicas for the 2009 season without knowing that she would eventually have at least a meet slot soon.

The Chicas had won the silver medals at the World Cup 2009 in the Czech Republic with Nina Kuebler and had posted a 16.3 aerage in Prostejov. The new 2010 lineup with Antje Prochnow won again the silver medals behind Aerokart Deep Blue and took home $15,000 cash. The Chicas finished the eight rounds in Dubai with a 13.8 average.

Chicas at the World Cup 2009
The German team did not know before the meet in Dubai whether they would continue with Antje Prochnow as the new member in 2010 or not.

This decision was made in the meantime, and the Chicas plan to train this year with this new lineup and compete for Germany at the World Championship of Formation Skydiving 2010 in Russia.

The training begins with a wind tunnel weekend in March at Bodyflight Bedford, host of the World Challenge 2010. Sinapsi member Pete Allum will be working with the Chicas in Bedford.

A 1-week outdoor camp will follow at the end of March in Castellon, Spain. German 4-way and 8-way champion in the Open Class, Dieter Schwarz, will be the coach in Spain.

Chicas at the World Meet 2008
Pete Allum will continue to work with the Chicas at the next 1-week outdoor camp in July. They will visit his current home drop zone in Ampuriabrava.

Another week with Pete Allum will follow in July, this time for exit practice from the Turbolet in Prostejov.

Then the Chicas will travel to Russia for the World Meet 2010. Pete Allum will make the same trip, as he competes with Sinapsi for Italy in Menzelinsk.

He will be available for the Chicas with advice as much as his time will allow.

Chicas and Incognito Leutkirch at the World Cup 2009
The German team plans to fill the gaps between the mentioned camps with monthly wind tunnel camps. Perris Fury member Uli Stuewe, who is originally from Germany, will visit the German wind tunnel in Bottrop in May. The Chicas will also take advantage of this coaching opportunity.

The Chicas would like to attend a few additional meets with the new lineup, as well. However, Chicas Tail Marion "Mo" Thomas said that her team is still looking at meet options, as the short world meet season makes it more difficult to create a good team schedule.

So far, there is no event where the two German top contenders in the female 4-way category, Chicas and ISB Air, will compete at the same time. Both teams were racing with each other throughout the whole 2009 season. ISB Air also continues for two more years, as the NSL News reported on 10 February 2010.

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