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Did You Know...

... that the Airspeed and Paraclete 8-way lineups are shaken up?

Shannon Pilcher and Brian Johnson
posted Sep 24th, 2009 - The NSL News story on 23 September 2009 included the meet videos of Perris Fury at the September meet of the Texas Skydiving League and an update of the Spaceland Force XP situation little over three weeks before the start of the USPA Nationals 2009.

The story mentioned that the Force is currently dealing with Gary Beyer's shoulder injury, which puts a questionmark behind his availability at the championships. Brian Johnson is currently training with the team as a substitute and may have to step in for the competition if Gary Beyer doesn't recover early enough.

The Force members are trying to make the best of it. They take the challenging and trying circumstances with humor, as a video shows, which was recently published by Force member Thomas Hughes. Shannon Pilcher and Brian Johnson are introducing the "Gary Beyer Limb Leash":

Kirk Verner with the Paraclete 2008 lineup
image by: Omniskore
Another US top player is in the same situation as Gary Beyer. In fact, Kirk Verner, former Airspeed member and currently Paraclete XP manager and competitor, has already canceled this year's USPA Nationals at this point, as he had a shoulder surgery recently.

Brian Johnson had already confirmed his slot for the Paraclete XP 8-way lineup when Kirk Verner had to step back. Paraclete XP is considered one of the top contenders in the US 8-way competition this year.

Brian Johnson's 8-way commitment still doesn't fix the trouble for Paraclete XP yet. Gary Beyer is a member of the 8-way team, as well. The Paraclete XP lineup is still short a member. Shannon Pilcher and Ian Bobo have no 8-way duties so far. They may have to help out in 8-way, as well...

USPA Nationals 2009

Who will win the 8-way Open Class competition?

Arizona Airspeed
Golden Knights
Paraclete XP
Dallas Rogue
 Current Results
Airspeed lineup of 2007 and 2008
Brian Johnson's move is shaking up the Airspeed 8-way plans, as well. He was a member of the Airspeed lineup that won the USPA 8-way gold medals in 2007 and 2008 (Craig Girard, Andy Delk, Eliana Rodriguez, Mark Kirkby, Jack Jefferies, Dan Brodsky-Chenfeld, Dennis Rook, Brian Johnson, Steve Nowak on camera).

Airspeed was planning to compete with the same lineup again this year and has to change the lineup now. John Hamilton, former Airspeed member himself and Dan BC's recent 4-way partner with the Founding Fathers, was the alternate for Airspeed's 8-way lineup last year. He will step in now and compete at this year's 8-way championship.

Only the Golden Knights and Dallas Rogue seem to have no troubles with their lineups. It will be a very interesting 8-way competition this year.

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