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It's time to register for the Shamrock Showdown 2024

Did You Know...

... that the Florida Skydiving League had a successful comeback last weekend?

4Action in Round 6 at Skydive City
posted Feb 12th, 2024 - The NSL News reported on 22 December 2023 that the Florida Skydiving League was planning a comeback after a long break with no or very little participation. The first meet was scheduled for January 13th at Skydive Sebastian. The update on January 17th did not include scores and videos, as the event had to be canceled due to inclement weather. The Florida Skydiving League will return to Sebastian in April instead.

Three Florida teams then visited Skydive City last weekend to launch the 2024 outdoor season, and they were compensated for the miss in January with perfect weather. They needed only the Saturday to complete their competition rounds.

The three teams had their own respective leaderboards according to the specific experience level. Local team KamikaZe used the RRR Class option, and Waitin' on a Women came back in the same category that they used at the Shamrock Showdown 2023, the team's first competition. The team from Skydive Palatka plans to continue at this year's Shamrock Showdown and the April meet of the Florida Skydiving League.

As usual, the competition draw of the National Skydiving League begins with the randomly drawn AAA Class sequences, before it trickles down into the other three categories, according to the respective dive pools. This special draw system usually generates sequences that are identical between the different neighboring categories. Teams may compare their scores directly in the identical rounds, even though they post their scores on different leaderboards.

Florida Skydiving League February 2024
RankAA Class11,15M,A,4E,21,20K,B,G,D22,N,H6,19TotalAvg
14Action3  11  8  10  9  6-1477.8
RankA ClassD,O,8M,A,4E,21K,B,GN,H,C6,19TotalAvg
1Waitin' on a Woman4  6  6-16  5  -  275.4
1KamikaZe5  7  5  5  6  -  285.6

Waitin' on a Woman - KamikaZe at the February Meet of the Florida Skydiving League
Same lineup: Waitin' on a Woman at the Shamrock Showdown 2023
The RRR Class dive pool consists only of random formations, and new team KamikaZe started their 4-way team career in this category, while Palatka team Waitin' on a Woman returned in the A Class. Due to the special NSL draw system KamikaZe could still compare their scores directly with the A Class team in the last two rounds that both teams performed.

The first three sequences included three of the eight A Class blocks and did not allow a direct comparison. The A Class and RRR Class teams then tied the total for the two last rounds with only random formations.

Waitin' on a Woman could also take a closer look at the performance of 4Action in Round 2, as the sequence was identical between AA Class and A Class. Both teams actually started 4-way training and competition at the same time and in the same categories at the Shamrock Showdown 2023.

4Action had a different lineup at their first meet, which included Fawn Fowler and Amaranth Aquarian, who continued with CitiZens after the Shamrock Showdown. CitiZens won the A/Beginner Class at the USPA Nationals 2023, while Felipe Della Giustina continued with a new lineup for a few months and then competed in the AA/Intermediate Class at the national outdoor championship.

Florida Skydiving League February 2024


4Action Last Weekend and at the USPA Nationals 2023
Same lineup: 4Action at the USPA Nationals 2023
Felipe Della Giustina and Jake Perlman became the first team mates of the current 4Action lineup, before they eventually joined forces with Marcella Rey and Anatoly Yuntsevich. They are all located in South Florida, and they brought new team videographer Joe Vianna to their first outdoor competition this year at Skydive City.

4Action are going into their second year in the AA/Intermediate Class on a higher performance level after the first outdoor training. The 7.8 average for the six rounds is already a new team record number, despite the 3-pointer due to the video angle in the first round of the first competition this year.

New team videographer Joe Vianna adjusted quickly to the video situation and delivered high-quality 4-way videos in the following rounds, including Round 2 where A Class team Waitin' on a Woman performed the same sequence.

The next 10-round competition draw of the National Skydiving League features the monthly indoor competition in the Czech Republic. The Czech RRR Class teams will have two sequences (3,9) that they share with the A Class teams, who will look up at the AA Class leaderboard only in Round 6. The AA Class teams will have four opportunities to compare their scores with the AAA Class teams, in the first two rounds, and again in the last two rounds.

World Tunnel League February 2024

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