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Did You Know...

... that Ethan Beattie and Tom Jones also won twice at SkyVenture New Hampshire?

Ethan Beattie and Tom Jones with Roscoe’s Roundup
posted Feb 9th, 2024 - The leaderboard of the 4-way Intermediate Class (A) at the SkyVenture New Hampshire Tunnel Fest 2024 had a very different field of teams, compared to the Open Class (AAA) and the Advanced (AA) Class teams.

The NSL News pointed out on January 24th that most of the Open Class competitors had 4-way double duties, as they were guiding other teams as player-coaches through the technical part of the ten sequences. However, all of the player-coaches appeared again on the leaderboard in the Advanced Class lineups, Chicken Bolts members Doug Hendrix with Roscoe’s Roundup, Monique Lai and Jennifer Cook with Would you like white, wheat or potato? and Snatch Force. Reunion members Kim Hollander and Andre Van Heerden competed with Frenetic, Dave Grabowski with Four Lost Souls Swimming in a Fish Bowl. 4-Titude member Belinda Silva also joined Jennifer Cook and her Snatch Force team mates. Only 4-Titude's Julia Kenney was the connection between Open Class and Intermediate Class, as she also competed with Bootie Snatchers.

There were more double duties though, which connected Advanced Class and Intermediate Class competitors. Carin Liljedah and Viktoriya Mikhalyuk competed with Brainlock in the Advanced Class and with United Differences in the Intermediate Class, their Brainlock team mate Ruben Rodas with Half Busted. Hao Ni posted Advanced Class scores for Spicy Meatballs, Intermediate Class scores for Dizzy Kittens. Her Spicy Meatballs team mate Eva Chamard won the Intermediate Class with 4-Eva, Harrison Frost was also in the CT True Blue lineup. Two Advanced Class winners, Roscoe’s Roundup's Ethan Beattie and Tom Jones, copied their team mate's Doug Hendrix's double-duty success (Chicken Bolts - Roscoe’s Roundup) with 1st places on the Advanced Class and Intermediate Class leaderboards both.

SkyVenture New Hampshire Tunnel Fest 2024
Rank4-way Open/AAAA,3,Q,616,J,1322,1,EK,L,18,79,C,11O,21,1420,15,MP,B,H,17G,F,1,7D,N,5,10TotalAvg
1Chicken Bolts2318162020171725241919919.9

Chicken Bolts - Reunion - 4Titude at the SkyVenture New Hampshire Fest 2024
Ethan Beattie and Tom Jones with 4-Eva
There are no limitations or regulations for the double duties at the annual SkyVenture New Hampshire Tunnel Fest. In fact, Ben Liston encourages especially the more experienced 4-way competitors to share their knowledge with other participants, as he often does himself. However, he has to manage the event at the same time and did not sign up for double duties this year.

His rules allow a participant to compete with one team in each category, which could have added up to three teams this year. The three special dive pools are customized to fit the 12-foot flying chamber at SkyVenture New Hampshire.

The ten Open Class sequences could be drawn for any AAA Class competition, even though the dive pool does not include all 22 blocks (2,4,8,12,19 excluded). The same counts for the Advanced Class, where the ten sequences could be drawn for any AA/Intermediate Class competition. However, there are only seven blocks (1,6,7,9,14,15,21) in the customized dive pool, which explains that some of the later sequences include blocks that were performed earlier. The Intermediate Class sequences resemble more USPA's Beginner Class, which is identical with the A Class. Rounds with only random formations are complete with 3-point sequences, and three blocks are in the dive pool (7,9,14) which will also be repeated in the ten rounds.

SkyVenture New Hampshire Tunnel Fest 2024
RankA ClassO,B,FC,J,GH,A,EK,7Q,N,14L,P,DQ,B,LE,F,J9,14K,G,HTotalAvg
14-Eva30  21  21  14  12  18  20  32  12  17  19719.7
2Fleischstäbchen27  15  22  12  11  16  19  29  14  16  18118.1
3Dizzy Kitties20  13  14  10  8  12  13  23  11  12  13613.6
4Winter Dopamine Project14  12  10  12  12  11  8  19  10  12  12012.0
5Bootie Snatchers19  12  9  12  9  9  13  16  5  10  11411.4
6United Differences17  11  9  12  9  11  9  20  7  6  11111.1
7CT True Blue18  10  10  8  9  9  8  16  4  0  929.2
8Half Busted18  5  12  7  8  10  7  12  6  5  909.0

4-Eva - Fleischstäbchen - Dizzy Kittens at the SkyVenture New Hampshire Fest 2024
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