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Did You Know...

... that HF Chameleons finished first time in 1st place on a AAA leaderboard?

HF Flying Rebels at the FAI Indoor World Cup 2022
posted Dec 24th, 2023 - It has not happened often in the past that the HF Chameleons defeated the HF Flying Rebels/Skywalkers Junior in the past. The Chameleons won only once in the six meets when both teams competed in the A Class (2017/2018), never when both teams met in the AA Class (2019).

Flying Rebels and Chameleons moved up to AAA Class competition while they were still eligible for the 4-way Junior category (AA) and have faced each other 21 times directly on AAA leaderboards. The HF Chameleons won four of the 21 indoor duels, including the ones after HF Flying Rebels changed to Skywalkers Junior and began with outdoor training and competition. HF Chameleons' Filip Lukavec is also the 5th active member of the Skywalkers Junior, as he is still young enough to be eligible for the FAI/ISC junior category.

The most current December leaderboard of the Czech Tunnel League is showing HF Chameleons' 5th victory over their former 4-way junior opponents. This time, the 23.4 average and 6-point advantage after the ten rounds also meant the 1st place on the AAA Class leaderboard, which is a new accomplishment for the Chameleons. HF Cubs and HF Flying Circus occupied the top spots of the Czech AAA Class indoor and outdoor leaderboards before Skywalkers Junior, with three former HF Flying Rebels in the lineup (Michal Mikolasek, Krystof Rulf, Martin Stransky), began to take over the top spots on any Czech AAA Class leaderboards.

World Tunnel League December 2023
RankAAA ClassQ,5,L,2F,3,4D,N,12,622,1,178,E,C,1920,K,79,14,10O,P,11,M13,16,18G,J,H,B,15TotalAvg
1HF Chameleons CZ 23242121232421282029 23423.4
2Skywalkers Junior CZ 23192317222321302030 22822.8
3Crazy Dragons CZ 20201918202120281727 21021.0
4Kiss My Grips SK 13131211131314171117 13413.4
5M Team CZ 11111110111211181117 12312.3
6Nachste Fenster SK 1111910111210131014 11111.1
7Accord CZ 1087813121215815 10810.8

HF Chameleons - Skywalkers Junior - Crazy Dragon at the December meet of the World Tunnel League
HF Flying Chameleons at the FAI Indoor World Cup 2022
The complete current Skywalkers Junior lineup (Michal Mikolasek, Antonin Ondracek, Krystof Rulf, Martin Stransky) posted a new team record average at the December meet, and it was still not enough to hold off the indoor experts of the HF Chameleons. The Czech national team in 4-way Junior is only training and competing indoors, while Skywalkers Junior are now switching back and forth between both 4-way environments.

HF Chameleons member Filip Lukavec trains and competes with both teams. Chameleons member Anastasiya Okhmat was not available for the December meet, and his Skywalkers team mate Antonin Ondracek replaced her for the meet. The two well trained indoor and outdoor competitors joined forces with the two exclusive indoor Chameleons, Krystyna Cejkova and Ales Marysko.

This unplanned replacement brought back together the complete HF Chameleons lineup of 2021 and 2022, who battled with HF Flying Rebels for the upper hand in the 4-way junior competition by then. Antonin Ondracek and Filip Lukavec formed the Skywalkers Junior together with former HF Flying Rebels Michal Mikulisek, Krystof Rulf and Martin Stransky after completing their AFF training, and the Chameleons continued with Anastasiya Okhmat, and with Filip Lukavec in both teams. The reunion lineup of the HF Chameleons generated the 23.4 average in December, which was a new record for the 4-way junior team, as well, and that won the latest duel between all the former and current Czech 4-way juniors.

World Tunnel League December 2023
RankAA ClassQ,L,2F,19,4D,N,622,18,E,C20,K,79,14O,P,1113,18G,J,H,BTotalAvg
1Panthers CZ 17131510171115141120 14314.3
2Moravian Flyers CZ 10811697911514 909.0
RankA ClassQ,L,2F,19D,N,64,C8,EK,79,BO,P,A21,MG,J,HTotalAvg
1Sharks CZ 13141113121416151516 13913.9
2Unicorns CZ 12111113101411171313 12512.5

Panthers - Sharks at the December meet of the World Tunnel League
Dasa Bezdzkova (4th from left) with Bad Boys and HF Flying Circus in 2018
There were more cross connection between the Czech lineups that reached into the team in 3rd place on the AAA Class leaderboard, Crazy Dragons. The NSL News had introduced the Crazy Dragons lineup with the update after the November competition. The story on November 21st pointed out that Crazy Dragons had a comeback after a 12-year break and that Martina Vavackova could not join the reunion in November.

Crazy Dragons were in full force when Martina Vavackova was back from Weembi Lille in December, and the complete lineup finished once again in 3rd place with a significantly higher meet average. The Crazy Dragons comeback did not only bring together three former members of the team between 2008 and 2011 (Dasa Bezdzkova, Martina Vaváckova, Marian Jeziak).

The new and current lineup also includes Denisa Jeziakova who is Marian Jeziak's daughter. Marian Jeziak is a former Bad Boys member, the Czech national team in 4-way Open before HF Flying Circus. Dasa Bezdzkova, Martina Vaváckova and Marian Jeziak also spent some time together with the Bad Boys. Denisa Jeziakova was in the HF Flying Rebels lineup until her former junior team mates turned to outdoor training and competition and formed Skywalkers Junior. She won 4-way Junior gold medals at the FAI Indoor World Cup 2022 in Charleroi and at the FAI Indoor World Championship 2023 in Slovakia. She has trained and competed the AAA Class dive pool since December 2020, even though the HF Flying Rebels could still compete for the Czech Republic in 4-way Junior (AA). Now she is challenging her former junior team mates with her father, Dasa Bezdzkova and Martina Vaváckova and the Crazy Dragons.

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