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Did You Know...

... that Julien Degen is in contention for all three medal positions at the Weembinamic 2023?

Weembi Lille partners Bruno Perin (left), Julien Degen (right) with Vedett
posted Nov 17th, 2023 - Weembi Unicorns did have the 5th consecutive competition with the same lineup on their schedule, as the NSL News expected it to happen after the completion of the ten indoor rounds at the British Indoor Nationals 2023. The top team on the 10-round leaderboard of the Weembinamic 2022 is back on the new AAA Class leaderboard of 2023 and in 3rd place after the four qualification rounds.

The competition is stronger this year, and there will probably be a close battle for the medal positions. The situation of the host and Unicorns member, Weembi Lille's Julien Degen, is also very similar as it was a year ago. He is competing with four AAA Class teams, and three of them are in medal contention.

Julien Degen finished 1st (Unicorns)and 2nd (FCUK) on the AAA Class leaderboard at the Weembinamic 2022 and finished 7th with 4G Weembi, 10th with Vedett Weembi. He seems to aim even higher this weekend, as he is in medal contention with three of his teams, Black Hole Dynos, Unicorns and FCUK. He is also back with Vedett Weembi. Even though his three top teams had a strong start, there seems to be stronger opposition than last year.

Weembinamic 2023
RankAAA ClassL,4,20B,14,619,O,D,152,13,5TotalAvg
1Black Hole Dynos UK 22-123-228  23-19624.0
2Aerokart Monaco FR 22-125  27  19-19323.3
3Unicorns Weembi FR 24  26-121-321  9223.0
4Nephtys FR 21  23-125  21  9022.5
4FCUK Weembi UK 22-123-123  22  9022.5
6Chesspaf FR 21-125-123-120-18922.3
7Nice Autrement FR 20  25  22-119-18621.5
7ISR Fireflash BE 19  19-227  21  8621.5
9Once Pakoi FR 21  21-223  20  8521.3
10Oblivion IT 17  22  18-117  7418.5
11RFA US 14  19  20-117  7017.5
11Bandits Revolution IT 15-120-119  16-17017.5
13Expend4bles FR 16  19  18  16  6917.3
144Ever Nancy FR 14-117  17  13  6115.3
15Vedett Weembi FR 14  16  13  13  5614.0
16Garudas BE 12-514-414-415  5513.8
17Axel'Air FR 11-215  15-112-15313.3
18Fly 4 Smile FR 12  14  15  7-34812.0
Nephtys for France in Norway
Aerokart Monaco in 2nd place are very well trained former French 4-way juniors. Three of the team members are in the current B-Team lineup who placed 3rd at this year's French national outdoor championship, as the NSL News reported on September 26th.

Tom Mattoni is a member of the French national team in 4-way Open, and his younger brother Noe Mattoni now competes with Aerokart Monaco at Weembi Lille. Noe Mattoni and his father Stephane Mattoni both watched Tom Mattoni live in Norway when he was winning his first FAI silver medal at the 23rd FAI World Cup of Formation Skydiving.

The very young Aerokart Monaco team is only three points behind the leader at the Weembinamic, one point ahead of Unicorns Weembi, three points ahead of Julien Degen's third team, FCUK. The current French national team in 4-way Women, Nephtys, are the second team that could also get in Julien Degen's way of taking all three spots on the AAA Class podium. Even Chesspaf, with Julien Degen's Unicorns team mate Mathieu Quizy, Aerokart Monaco members Thomas Misztal and Axel Martinez in the lineup, is close enough to the medal positions. Julien Degen has to manage his three teams to fend off the three strong opponents this year, while he competes with Vedett and runs the event. Saturday will feature the elimination duels between two teams respectively, on the way to the medal positions.

Black Hole Dynos - Unicorns Weembi - FCUK Weembi with Rounds 1 - 4 at the Weembinamic 2023
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