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Did You Know...

... that NFTO were back on the podium at the national outdoor championship?

Back on the podium: NFTO at the British Outdoor Nationals 2023
posted Sep 17th, 2023 - The series of aftermath events behind the 23rd FAI World Cup of Formation Skydiving also included the British Outdoor Nationals 2023, which were held on the weekend when the German Outdoor Nationals 2023 were concluded at the Fallschirmsportzentrum Saar..

Team Apex won the 4-way AAA Class title this month, after the British 4-way champion team of 2022, Chimera, had decided to discontinue after the 5th place at the FAI Outdoor World Championship 2022, as the NSL News reported on January 24th. The door to the national championship title and the qualification for the next outdoor world championship was open for another team, and Apex took it.

NFTO had won the British AAA Class championship in 2018, 2019 and 2021 and represented Great Britain in 4-way Women at the world championships and world cups, where Chimera competed in 4-way Open. Apex had finished in 2nd place behind Chimera last year, when NFTO did not attend the national championship. Apex attended only indoor events in 2022 and added two average points to the outdoor scoring level (14.9 - 16.9) which won this year's AAA Class championship title. The new NFTO lineup placed 3rd behind Apex and a new British 4-way team, Viserion, after the 5th place in 4-way Women at the 23rd FAI World Cup of Formation Skydiving.

British Outdoor Nationals 2023
RankAAA ClassF,22,P,J10,B,128,16,DO,Q,7,18A,21,151,6,13M,19,1720,H,L,EC,14,211,G,4TotalAvg
5British Army Volt4ge1387119911887919.1
6All Up Front1614121414120000828.2
FAI gold medals in 4-way Women: NFTO in Eloy 2022
It was an unusual situation for NFTO at Skydive Voss in Norway when the team did not take a place on the podium, neither at the world cup event in 4-way Women, nor on the European leaderboard. Vana Parker and Sian Stokes have been team mates since 2018, and they won FAI silver medals together in Australia 2018.

Vana Parker and original member Anna Hicks had already won their first world championship medals at Skydive Chicago in 2016, together with Maria Russell, Ane Brentford and Simon Brentford on camera. Six years later, they had arrived on the top spot of the 4-way Women podium in Eloy, this time together with Sian Stokes and Catherine Anderson, Simon Brentford still on camera.

NFTO had turned bronze in 2016 into silver in 2018 and finally into gold in Eloy 2022, and original member Anna Hicks decided to step back after another indoor bronze medal at the FAI Indoor World Championship 2023. Only Vana Parker and Sian Stokes continued, as the NSL News reported on June 17th. It was a big and courageous move for Vana Parker and Sian Stokes who selected Lucy Davies and Danni Hurt for the new lineup. They knew that they would not be competing for FAI gold or silver medals, possibly not even for a place on the podium at all at the next award ceremonies.

23rd FAI World Cup of Formation Skydiving
Rank4-way Women3,G,N,1911,17,L13,7,C2,D,O,814,K,J,129,M,P,H5,4,1815,1,1016,21,EF,20,6TotalAvg
1XPG4 US 21 20 20-1 19 17 38 16-1 16-1 18-2 18-120320.3
2France 4-way Women FR 17 15-1 20 17 15 33 14 14-1 14-2 18 17717.7
3Meltemi Oceanside DE 12-2 15 16 16 11 25-1 12 12 15 16 15015.0
4Thyra NO 11-1 12 14 13 11 21 10 12 12 14 13013.0
5NFTO UK 11-2 11 12-1 12-1 11 25 10 10 12-2 13-112712.7
6SNE Fly Girls US 13 11 15 11-1 10 21-1 11 11 9-2 11-112312.3
7Alola UK 11 12 13-1 12-1 10 20-4 11 10-1 11-1 11-112112.1

NFTO - Alola at the 23rd FAI World Cup of Formation Skydiving - Video footage courtesy of InTime/FAI/ISC
British delegation at the FAI Outdoor World Cup 2023
It turned out to be just like that in Norway, where NFTO ended up in 5th place of the world cup competition in 4-way Women and in 4th place behind the young Norwegian home team Thyra on the European leaderboard. In fact, NFTO's new lineup was challenged by the second British 4-way team in 4-way Women, Alola, who represented the country officially as the national team at this event.

Alola qualified as the national team at last year's national outdoor championship that NFTO did not attend. Alola were not back earlier this month at Skydive Hibaldstow, while NFTO competed with the new lineup and placed 3rd. It became the first time for new members Lucy Davies and Danni Hurt on the British AAA Class podium.

NFTO had already shown in Norway that they were ready to enjoy the competition as an international experience for the new lineup. The team members were proudly presenting the Fun Flag in their possession that team videographer Simon Brentford had successfully captured from the climbing rock in the center of the facilities, with Vana Parker's support. There is no doubt that Vana Parker and Sian Stokes plan to bring NFTO back to the FAI medal level, and the next opportunity is the outdoor world championship in Israel.

British Outdoor Nationals 2023
RankAA ClassF,22,PJ,B,8D,O,Q,718,A,2115,16,13M,19,20H,L,E,CTotalAvg
1Brits on Grits121514117119159411.8
6Ice Bank Mice Elf679626512536.6
7Quattro Formaggi776644610506.3
8Lend Chill Chaos359546510475.9
RankA ClassF,P,JB,8D,O,Q7,A21,6M,19H,L,EC,2TotalAvg
1Children of the Corn221014114111199211.5
2Wavey Wackers1688877127739.1
3Where's Jono?!147787867648.0
4Black Phoenix63783787496.1
5Royal Artillery The Gunners103476566475.9
8RAF Hurricane12432413202.5
2Cloud 91115131381282410413.0
3Bootie Call81181078411678.4
5The University of 4ORK46152437324.0
6One Point Wonders23142325222.8
9Fall Fast Finish Last11401105131.6
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