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Did You Know...

... that Paraclete XP opens the Indoor Cloud League 2023 leaderboard with 126?

Platinum XP with Brenn Richards
posted Jan 26th, 2023 - Paraclete XP's Indoor Cloud League team opened the 2023 leaderboard with scores and videos for January after a busy event weekend that included the Indoor Cloud League sequences and the 3-way Throwdown competition.

Several participants attended both events and finished in top positions of the 3-way Throwdown. Platinum XP members Don Hurd, Matthias Kaminski and Dan Keystone performed the three technical January sequences of the Indoor Cloud League (AAA - AA - A) with XPG4 member Brenn Richards and posted the highscore for the A Class sequence. Then they won the Advanced Class competition of the 3-way Throwdown together.

They could not keep up with Paraclete XP's strongest AAA Class lineup (Jeana Billings, Brenn Richards, Kirk Verner, Nick Birkner) who contributed their total of 46 points (AAA/AA) for Paraclete XP's January account on the first 2023 leaderboard of the Indoor Cloud League.

Cheryl Morgan, Carin Lildejahl and Eric Harper performed five of the six Indoor Cloud League sequences with Brenn Richards, and Cheryl Morgan then won the Intermediate Class competition of the 3-way Throwdown with two other participants of both events.

Indoor Cloud League January 2023 - Paraclete XPAAAAAARRRRRRTotal
Jeana Billings, Brenn Richards, Kirk Verner, Nick Birkner2224----46
Jeana Billings, Brenn Richards, Anna Brunner, Nick Birkner20------
Brenn Richards, Don Hurd, Matthias Kaminski, Dan Keystone141718---18
Brenn Richards, Cheryl Morgan, Carin Lildejahl, Eric Harper1212161820--
Kirk Verner, Nick Birkner, Josh Evans, Kevin Penn-1216-19--
Anna Brunner, Erika, Emily, LJ Wobker-811-13--
Jeana Billings, Nichole Settles, Anne, Keith Kramer--1521232344
Jeana Billings, Will Haines, Nuno, Eric Webb--1012171818

Paraclete XP's Best of January222418212318126

Jeana Billings with one of her four ICL lineups
The NSL News had reported on January 10th that Jeana Billings will not continue with XPG4. She still joined forces with her former team mates Brenn Richards and Anna Brunner for January's AAA Class sequence in one lineup, then with her XP8 team mate Kirk Verner and Golden Knights competitor Nick Birkner in another one.

Paraclete XP's January total of 126 points is the highest score for a month since May 2022. Four of the eight different lineups combined their scores for the first Indoor Cloud League total of the year.

The Paraclete XP team submitted their scores and videos early in January, and there is still a week left for all participating Indoor Cloud League teams to select the best performances of the month and then show them on the leaderboard.

XPG4 now focus on the indoor preparations for the FAI Indoor World Cup with new team member Shannon Catalano, while they will still be available for Paraclete XP's Indoor Cloud League events. Jeana Billings continues with XP8, and the 8-way training will begin indoors at the end of the month.

Indoor Cloud League January 2023: Paraclete XP Highscores
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