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Did You Know...

... that there is a strong 4-way momentum in Colorado?

Colorado 4-way comeback with Indoor Cloud League team in May
posted Sep 28th, 2022 - The Colorado Skydiving League was one of the first leagues that followed Florida, Georgia and Texas when the National Skydiving League expanded and extended at the end of the previous millennium. Keith Walter, a former Executive Officer of the Golden Knights, founded the league in 1999 and joined the National Skydiving League's 4-way network in 2000.

He handed the COSL operation over to Samer Haija for the 2002 season when he moved to North Carolina. Arizona Directe and Elsinore GT member Brian Vande Krol became the next league director in 2004, and the teams of the Air Force Academy, with leader Marty Jones, were consistent participants at the regional meets of the early years.

Travis Roth continued in 2006 with the activities that Keith Walter, Samer Haija and Brian Vande Krol had started. There was no leadership any longer when Travis Roth had to step back, and the Colorado Skydiving League eventually went into hibernation, even though Mile High Mayhem continued to participate in meets of the NSL Network for a few more years. It became a very long hibernation of over 20 years until Emily Bombardi and Eric Daniel decided to bring back 4-way activities to Colorado. The comeback began with the new Indoor Cloud League team at iFLY Colorado Springs, as the NSL News reported on May 28th.

Colorado Skydiving League Championship 2022
1 2 3 4 5 Total Avg
Rank AA Class 21,9 F,L,A,C D,20,N P,19,7 6,8 Total Avg
1 Air Force Tall Boys 10    10 -4 9    8    6     43 8.6
2 Schmohawks 6 -3 9    7    8    6     36 7.2
3 Bad Choices 7    8    6    4 -2 5     30 6.0
Air Force Tall Boys - Schmohawks - Bad Choices at the Colorado Skydiving League Championship 2022
Emily Bombardi and Eric Daniel with This is Our Season
image by: USPA/Skydive Chicago
Emily Bombardi and Eric Daniel did not stop with the Indoor Cloud League participation. They are both outdoor competitors, as well, and they attended the USPA Nationals earlier this month with This is our Season and former Arizona Airspeed member Ari Perelman as the team's player-coach.

In fact, Eric Daniel was also in the 10-way Speed lineup, Sorta Adequate, who created arguably the biggest upset of the USPA Nationals and won the gold medals in this event.

Emily Bombardi and Eric Daniel noticed earlier this year at their Indoor Cloud League events that there was a growing interest and momentum for 4-way training and competition in their Colorado region. Eventually they decided to make another step and offer outdoor events, as well.

They scheduled the Colorado Skydiving League Championship 2022 as the first event of the new 4-way package, and seven teams followed the invitation to compete in two of the four NSL categories. The 5-round meet was completed successfully just two weeks after the conclusion of the Formation Skydiving competition at the USPA Nationals.

Colorado Skydiving League Championship 2022
1 2 3 4 5 Total Avg
Rank A Class 21,K L,D,P 9,C 7,N 2,O Total Avg
1 Hall of Famers 6    8    7    7    7     35 7.0
2 The Brainlocks 5    6    3    5    6     25 5.0
3 Vexed Vixens 4    5    4 -1 3    5     21 4.2
4 Blockheads 4    4    1    3    2     14 2.8
Hall of Famers - The Brainlocks - Vexed Vixens - Blockheads at the Colorado Skydiving League Championship 2022
Air Force Tall Boys at the USPA Nationals
image by: USPA/Skydive Chicago
It was much shorter to travel for the AA Class winner this time, Air Force Tall Boys. The same lineup of the Air Force Academy in Colorado had competed in the 4-way Intermediate Class of the USPA Nationals at Skydive Chicago in Illinois, where they had finished right behind the medal positions in 4th place.

All other teams were newly formed, which confirms what Emily Bombardi and Eric Daniel have been observing in Colorado - the growing interest in 4-way training and competition.

As in the early years of the Colorado Skydiving League, the Air Force Academy apparently plans to become an even stronger part of the league activities in Colorado, as well. Eric Daniel informed the NSL News that Air Force teams will also join the Indoor Cloud League events in the coming months.

The Air Force Academy will line up five different teams to post scores for the Indoor Cloud League team at iFLY Colorado Springs. The Air Force teams will probably take care of four Indoor Cloud League categories and compete with other Colorado teams for the monthly highscores on the ICL leaderboard.

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