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Did You Know...

... that Poland's Flyspot Sky4Four plan to attend their first outdoor world meet?

Most current crisis area in Eastern Europe
posted Aug 5th, 2022 - The NSL News provided an update from Poland after the late conclusion of the 2021 indoor season. An earlier update in January had directed attention to the impressive work for the sport by Jan "Geisha" Klapka in the Czech Republic and Zbigniew "Zbig" Kordzikowski in Poland.

Both passionate Formation Skydiving competitors have been facing difficult times in the last three years, after they made great efforts to build up and grow the 4-way community in their respective countries to the level where it was before the worldwide crises.

Jan Klapka reported from the Czech Republic that he could not even run any events for his Indoor Cloud League activities at the Hurricane Factory in Prague. The political crisis in Eastern Europe has caused significant price increases for flying time in the windtunnel that he could not compensate for. The July leaderboard of the Indoor Cloud League will have a very unusual gap where the Czech scores have been posted most consistently for many years.

The situation is not much easier in Poland, which borders the conflict area in Eastern Europe directly. Zbigniew Kordzikowski has also been dealing with decreasing participation at any events, even though he is using all of his time and energy to keep the 4-way momentum going.

Pre-Nationals 2022: Expanded, Extended and Open for all Teams

Flyspot Liga May 2022
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Total Avg
Rank AAA Class A,H,22,2 11,M,9 13,3,14 D,1,G,10 7,8,K P,L,N,B,6 12,O,18 16,F,5 C,21,Q,J E,17,4 Total Avg
1 FlySpot Sky4Four  PL  17 24 16 21 19 25 15 22 24 22  205 20.5
2 MAD Team  PL  20 22 12 18 18 21 16 18 18 13  176 17.6
Rank A Class 21,G K,F,B P,J,A O,L,8 N,6 E,19 Q,4 M,2 H,D,C 7,9 Total Avg
1 Bitches from Hell  PL  14 21 19 15 14 15 12 16 16 16  158 15.8
2 Star4s  PL  14 19 19 12 13 14 14 16 18 17  156 15.6
3 Air Feel  PL  14 25 21 14 15 9 11 13 15 17  154 15.4
Rank Rookie J,N,D F,L,Q G,O,K H,A,B M,E,C P,M,E H,L,P K,N,B A,C,G D,J,F Total Avg
1 DARK Team  PL  20 22 16 26 24 26 17 22 18 24 215 21.5
2 Epic Team  PL  11 19 17 18 19 20 17 17 13 24 175 17.5
3 Moravian Flyers  CZ  9 11 10 12 13 15 12 9 12 14 117 11.7
4 Smajlici  CZ  8 10 8 11 13 12 10 10 7 8 97 9.7
5 Moravian Cats  CZ  8 7 5 7 12 11 7 5 6 10  78 7.8
6 Smajlici 2  CZ  8 6 5 7 11 11 4 10 6 9  77 7.7

Flyspot Sky4Four at the World Challenge 2017
He is not only organizing and coaching as many teams as he can. His own team, Flyspot Sky4Four, has been representing Poland at international events for many years, and they now plan to attend their first outdoor world championship in Eloy this October.

Flyspot Sky4Four plan to train in Belgium with NMP PCH HayaBusa member David Grauwels this month in preparation for the world meet in October. Zbigniew Kordzikowski said that the weather situation in Poland is still like a lottery. His own team trains at a skydiving center in Chrcynno on the weekends.

The NSL News had introduced Flyspot Sky4Four with a live interview at the World Challenge 2017, where Zbigniew Kordzikowski competed with two of his current team mates in the lineup, Anna Baranska and Michal Baranski.

Two more teams from Poland competed at the same event, and Zbigniew Kordzikowski had all the details available. He recently updated the current team information from Poland, as some of the lineups have changed.

Flyspot Sky4Four at the World Challenge 2017
Ready for the first outdoor world meet: Flyspot Sky4Four
The Polish team rosters on the most current Flyspot leaderboard are now up-to-date, after Zbigniew Kordzikowski provided missing data and corrected the lineups. His close relationship with almost all Polish teams makes him the best resource for any 4-way information in his country.

He lives only 45 kilometers away from the Flyspot windtunnel in Warszaw, where he spends a lot of time and meets Polish teams and competitors regularly. He said that he spends an average time of two hours per week in the Flyspot flying chamber.

However, he is unhappy to realize the same decrease in participation which is not all caused by the health and political crises. The current difficulties have just made it much easier for former teams and competitors to step away from training and competition.

He is running his own archive of Polish 4-way teams and competitors ("History of the Polish FS-4"), and the number of former teams keeps growing. The development of 4-way competition in Poland is still his main goal, while his own time is limited. He has now partnered with Flyspot to accommodate more than he alone can handle. He provides free coaching for the project, and Flyspot offers discounted rates for the participants. It works well, as the new project has already generated five new teams, and he hopes for even more once the outdoor season is over after his team's first world meet.

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