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Did You Know...

... that ICL competitors at iFLY Dallas scored for the slot-switching AAA sequence first time?

Dallas Dynasty outdoor lineup
image by: USPA/Omniskore
posted Jun 22nd, 2022 - The Indoor Cloud League scores of iFLY Dallas for the month of May have completed the latest leaderboard, while the six sequences for June have been available for all participating teams since the beginning of the month.

It was a special event for three competitors. Alexa Boushey, Sydney Ward and Pressly Bonner took on the slot-switching AAA Class sequence for the first time. Dallas Dynasty has been taking care of the two 4-way Open Class sequences (AAA/AA) in the recent past of Indoor Cloud League competition at iFLY Dallas.

The AAA Class sequences, with five or six points for one page, can be drawn for a 4-way Open Class competition and for the Intermediate Class, as well. Any 6-point sequence can only be a part of a AAA/Open/Advanced Class draw, and the six slot-switching sequences (3,5,10,12,16,17) appear randomly, either separately in one sequence, or in a double pack (Example: 3,5,1) or even in a triple pack (Example: 3,5,10).

The Indoor Cloud League sequences are manually created and offer gradually increasing challenges from the R Class to the AAA Class. The AAA Class always has a 6-point sequence monthly on the top of the challenge pyramid. It is meant to offer new AAA Class teams and competitors the opportunity to become familiar with the challenge of two different pages, unless a team chooses to use a longer swing move.

Pre-Nationals 2022: Expanded, Extended and Open for all Teams

TeamsF,4,D,5 H,4,6 G,Q,6 G,Q,H M,F,D M,ATotal
Alexa Boushey, Sydney Ward, Pressly Bonner, Lucas King1616----32
Deanna Anderson, Nick Anderson, Donaldo Grajeda, Lucas King--1831--49
Caleb Rydbeck, Michael Erickson, Kyle Hermberg, Sudeep Kodavati----252650

iFLY Dallas Best of May161618312525131

Indoor Cloud League May 2022 - iFLY Dallas Highscores
May 1st, 2022
Rank May 14+ F,4,D,5 H,4,6 G,Q,6 G,Q,H M,F,D M,A Total
1 Paraclete XP  US  19 22 23 31 25 22 142
2 iFLY Dallas  US  16 16 18 31 25 25 131
3 Hurricane Factory  CZ  27 24 16 12 22 22 123
4 iFLY Colorado Springs  US  12 13 8 3 - 7 43

Dallas Dynasty indoor lineup
AA/Intermediate Class teams and competitors are familiar with 5-point sequences and with the 16 other blocks, which are usually not switching any slots within the same piece. The step into the AAA Class world with 6-point sequences and slot-switchers is the ultimate move for all teams and requires a lot of additional training to become comfortable with both slots in the same piece.

Teams often make the next step into a higher category with the same or a slightly changed lineup, after starting in the category that they feel comfortable with. The Indoor Cloud League events often bring teams and competitors together who may not have know each other and may join forces only for this specific event.

Kyle Hermberg, Indoor Cloud League coordinator of the iFLY Dallas team, has made it a part of his mission to use the indoor events and offer participants this opportunity to learn with and from other 4-way competitors.

This time, it was the AAA Class sequence of May (F,4,D,5) that was the task for the three new AAA competitors. Dallas Dynasty's player-coach Lucas King guided Alexa Boushey, Sydney Ward and Pressly Bonner through the training and performance of the slot-switching sequence and the 16-pointer for the iFLY Dallas team. The same lineup added 16 more ICL points to the total for the AA sequence. Lucas King was also player-coaching the second lineup to a total of 49 ICL points, while Dynasty indoor team mates Kyle Hermberg and Michael Erickson added 50 points for May for two of the three Rookie Class sequences (R - RR).

Indoor Cloud League 2022
Flying Chamber: 14+ Feet
1Hurricane FactoryCZ142146141109123-------661
2iFLY DallasUS113132123101131-------600
3Paraclete XPUS977464132142-------509
4iFLY Colorado SpringsUS----43-------43
-ICL MidwestUS-------------
-iFLY TampaUS-------------
-Capital RegionUS-------------
-iFLY SeattleUS-------------
-iFLY JacksonvilleUS-------------

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