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Did You Know...

... that NMP PCH HayaBusa is currently training with two different lineups?

Coaching for Meraki at Airspace Charleroi
posted Jun 4th, 2022 - It's been more than two years since original NMP PCH HayaBusa member David Grauwels competed and trained with his team in his inside center slot. The last competition where he performed in front of the camera was the Wind Games 2020.

Then he switched to the camera slot, and former Amnesya member Michele Silvi replaced him in the same slot. He was outside center for his previous Italian national 4-way team, and David Grauwels became his coach and mentor for the new slot, while he was also filming the team.

David Grauwels was already on HayaBusa camera at the NSL Cloud Mondial in August 2020, and he won hist next FAI world meet gold medal as the team videographer at the FAI Tanay Mondial a year later.

He had settled in the new slot on camera and also as the HayaBusa alternate and coaching assistant, and there was no indication that he would have to return to his inside center slot at any time soon. He appeared twice on NSL Live Talk at the FAI Indoor World Cup 2022, where the new lineup placed 2nd behind Arizona Airspeed.

Spaceland Pre-Nationals 2022: Expanded, Extended and Open for all Teams

NSL Live Talk with David Grauwels at the FAI Indoor World Cup 2022 in Charleroi
Advice for NMP PCH HayaBusa
His first commentary was related to his position as the coach for Pete Allum's British team, Meraki. Later he also provided a summary of the indoor competition at Airspace Charleroi, once again together with Pete Allum, and with his HayaBusa team mate Dennis Praet.

That's when he explained that he will eventually return to the active lineup in his inside center slot quite soon and temporarily. New member Neal Willems had completed three meets with NMP PCH HayaBusa at that time, the outdoor competition at the Shamrock Showdown, and the two indoor meets in March, first the Belgian indoor championships, followed by the indoor world cup a few weeks later.

However, the new HayaBusa member still had to go through the boot camp of the Belgian military services before he could become a full member of the still reigning indoor and outdoor world champions. David Grauwels explained the time-line of the HayaBusa agenda for 2022 during the NSL Live Talk conversation in Charleroi.

He would return to the inside center slot as soon as outdoor training would begin after the indoor competition, while Neal Willems attended the military training.

NMP PCH HayaBusa in outdoor training with David Grauwels (left) and Neal Willems (right)

NSL Live Talk with David Grauwels on 2 June 2022
Camera and alternate for NMP PCH HayaBusa
David Grauwels would also compete with NMP PCH HayaBusa at the upcoming military CISM world championships and then step back again, so Neal Willems can continue with the active lineup for the coming years, including the FAI Outdoor World Meet this year in October at Skydive Arizona.

David Grauwels took some time for an update earlier this week, and everything seems to go well according to the planning. Only the weather in Belgium has not cooperated much, and NMP PCH HayaBusa had only completed 18 training jumps with Neal Willems at the time of the NSL Live Talk.

It was still more than what HayaBusa and the audience had expected. David Grauwels explained that Neal Willems has actually been available to train with the team on the weekends when he did not have to be at the military boot camp. David Grauwels switches back to the camera slot whenever Neal Willems is available. Koen Vangestel is filming HayaBusa when David Grauwels is performing with the team in front of the camera.

David Grauwels provided more details of the challenging and intensive schedule for himself and for the new team member, and the two videos are showing both lineups in action.

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