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Did You Know...

... that the Weembinamic format scrambled the medal positions on the traditional leaderboard?

AAA Class awards at the French Indoor Nationals 2021
posted Dec 1st, 2021 - The Weembinamic at the hosting site of the FAI Indoor World Meet 2019 had a comeback last month, as well, and the NSL News is taking a closer look at the 4-way competition first.

The leaderboard is showing the reason for the 4-way priority, as this event featured the tightest 4-way battle in the AAA Class this year. The high-profile Aerokart lineup won the competition without any serious opposition. However, three teams battled for the 2nd place and were separated by two points after ten rounds on the traditional leaderboard.

Aerokart won with an impressive 28.3 average, which was boosted by the Super Sequence (C,O,A,P,F) in Round 1. Aerokart had probably the most interesting lineup in the AAA Class field. Damien Gouriou and Alban Rumolo were members of the French national 4-way and 8-way teams this year. Together they won 8-way silver medals at the FAI Tanay Mondial 2020, one single point behind Airspeed XP8, and they placed 4th in 4-way Open with a 25.3 average.

Tom Mattoni has been a member of the French 4-way Junior team Aerokart Ak'demie since the team was formed in 2014. He and his team mates have turned into outdoor competitors, as well, and they won bronze medals at this year's outdoor championships, followed by indoor gold medals in October.

Weembinamic 2021
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Total Avg
Rank AAA Class C,O,A,P,F J,L,22,17 18,2,D H,8,3 15,13,4 19,7,M 11,G,1 14,K,9 5,16,B 6,N,20 Total Avg
1 Aerokart  FR  53 26 21 23 22 31 23 28 31 25 283 28.3
2 Unicorns  FR  46 21 19 21 19 28 20 26 24 23 247 24.7
3 Rost Beef A  UK  39 22 20 19 18 29 22 26 27 24 246 24.6
4 Saumur Espoir Weembi  FR  45 23 21 21 18 22 22 25 28 20 245 24.5
5 Nice Odin Cavok  FR  40 21 19 20 19 28 19 27 22 14 229 22.9
6 Weembi St Flow  FR  35 17 18 17 16 22 17 20 19 19 200 20.0
7 Shaka  UK  37 19 16 17 14 23 17 12 18 17 190 19.0
8 Monaco Aerodyne  MC  29 15 14 16 14 18 13 18 18 16 171 17.1
9 Oblivion  FR  23 15 16 14 13 21 16 18 18 15 169 16.9
10 Les Hérissons  FR  16 14 11 13 12 18 14 15 16 13 142 14.2

Aerokart at the Weembinamic 2021
AAA Class awards at the Weembinamic 2021
French national B-Team member Mathieu Quizy completed the Aerokart lineup. He was Tom Mattoni's team mate at the indoor championships, where he joined forces with two more former 4-way junior competitors, Cameron Malie and Oscar Massier.

He also competed at the Weembinamic with his complete B-Team lineup of Espoir Saumur Weembi (Elise Poindron, Jessica Thebault, Loic Vieira) who placed 2nd at the national outdoor championships behind the national 4-way team. Alban Rumolo replaced him at the indoor event in October where Mathieu Quizy completed the Ak'demie lineup.

Alban Rumolo and Mathieu Quizy now were team mates with Damien Gouriou and Tom Mattoni at the Weembinamic, where Mathieu Quizy won gold with Aerokart and missed the 3rd place by one point with Espoir Saumur Weembi.

The French B-Team missed the Weembinamic bronze medals only on the traditional leaderboard though. Event host Julien Degen created a different format for the event when he launched the Weembinamic years ago. The teams are pitched in duels against each other after the three opening rounds and then eliminate each other after two new rounds on the way to the finals.

Unicorns - Rost Beef A - Saumur Espoir Weembi at the Weembinamic 2021
Complete Espoir Saumur Weembi lineup
Aerokart had no troubles making it to the finals and to the 1st place by winning all rounds, except for one tie in Round 3. Espoir Saumur Weembi ended up with Unicorns as their opponent in the last two rounds and won the total by one point (48 - 47). Unicorns, once again with host Julien Degen in the lineup, actually placed 2nd on the traditional leaderboard and finished without a Weembinamic medal.

Rost Beef A, with former HayaBusa member Roy Janssen in the lineup, was the other team that pushed Unicorns from 2nd on the traditional leaderboard to 4th place at the Weembinamic. Both teams had faced each other directly twice, first in the quarterfinals (Rounds 5 and 6), then again in the semifinals (Rounds 7 and 8). They tied and both advanced in the quarterfinals before the British 3-way (Mark Fletcher, Kate Lindsley, David Rodgers) with Roy Janssen won the semifinals by two points and advanced to the finals and the duel for gold with Aerokart.

Rost Beef A had neither won a round over Unicorns nor over Espoirs Saumur Weembi throughout the first five rounds and had warmed up enough in the second half of the event to win the elimination duels and get to the finals. Unicorns managed to carry the highscore over the opponents in Round 1 over the finish line on the traditional leaderboard, while they could not win a medal position in the finals against Espoir Saumur Weembi.

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