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Did You Know...

... that all Czech Indoor Cloud League scores and videos for August were generated only by 4-way juniors?

"Yes, it's made for kids" - and made by kids...
posted Sep 13th, 2021 - The NSL News has been using YouTube services for many years to make training and competition videos, interviews and live event coverage available for the SKYLEAGUE.COM audience. The videos have naturally not much of inappropriate content, if any was ever posted at all.

However, there was a point in time when all social media giants decided and/or where required to take more control over their published content. YouTube added certain checks to follow the requirements, which did not change much of the posting procedure and only added a few more clicks before the same videos would be published.

One of the additional checks was the confirmation "Yes, it's made for kids". There was nothing to worry about for NSL-TV videos. In fact, some of the videos are not only made for kids, the content is also produced by kids. This counts specifically for the 4-way junior activities in the chambers of windtunnels, where the participating kids have no age limits. They can be as young as the parents want them to be when they start with 4-way or other indoor activities.

The Czech 4-way junior competitors have been catching the NSL News attention for many years, and the Czech Republic still owns the 4-way Junior world championship title, won by the HF Cubs in 2019. The month of August was still a special 4-way junior month in the Hurricane Factory.

Indoor Cloud League August 2021 - Hurricane FactoryAAAAAARRRRRRTotal
TeamsE,6,Q,16 O,6,15 K,B,6 K,B,O M,E,Q M,ETotal
HF Chameleons131622---29
HF Juniors Invisible---1520-20
Smart Fish---999-
HF Juniors Green----171616

Hurricane Factory's Best of August131617232016105

HF Cubs in 2014
The Czech 4-way juniors have been participating in the Indoor Cloud League events since Jan Klapka launched his junior training program in 2015. He had joined the Indoor Cloud League with a Hurricane Factory team in June 2013 and soon included his 4-way juniors in the competition events, as well.

The HF Cubs were featured as and for "YouTube kids" on NSL-TV since 2015 and before any requirements of content control were set up. Four years later, the HF Cubs won their 4-way junior world championship title.

Jan Klapka and his assistant coaches have been training many Czech 4-way juniors ever since, and he even invited 4-way world champion David Grauwels a few times to provide his junior teams and competitors with the highest level of expertise.

Jan Klapka's 4-way junior program runs like a school, with a set schedule and consistent regular weekly training. The 4-way junior training is probably the most reliable team training, and not only in the Hurricane Factory. That's the reason why Jan Klapka still had scores and videos for the ICL August sequences. The Hurricane Factory had some technical problems in August, and the juniors had already performed the sequences during their weekly training, while no senior teams had scheduled indoor training.

Hurricane Factory highscores for August
4-way Junior world champions in 2019: HF Cubs
Result of the situation at the Hurricane Factory is the first month in the history of the Indoor Cloud League that all scores and videos of a team have been generated by 4-way junior teams. There is not even one single 4-way senior team on the Czech leaderboard for August.

It happened already in July that the HF Flying Rebels covered the AAA Class with slot-switcher and 6-point sequence. They are officially the new Czech national team in 4-way Junior. However, the FAI/ISC dive pool for this category is identical with the AA Class and includes all 16 random formations and only the 16 blocks without slot-switchers.

This time, the Flying Rebels were not in training, and HF Chameleons stepped in for the AAA August sequence (E,6,Q,16). The Chameleons juniors have only competed in the A Class at meets of the Czech Tunnel League in the past. They have been training the 4-way Junior/AA Class dive pool in preparation for any upcoming indoor meets. Now they also took on a challenging AAA Class sequence.

The Czech ICL team has a unique score for the month of August, generated by only 4-way juniors and a few assistant coaches, while there are still difficulties at other participating windtunnels to run their ICL events.

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