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Did You Know...

... that the iFLY Dallas team posted Indoor Cloud League record numbers in June?

Kyle Hermberg (right) with Dallas Dynasty at Paraclete XP Indoor 2021
posted Jul 17th, 2021 - The latest Indoor Cloud League results arrived from iFLY Dallas, where Kyle Hermberg and his assistant coaches continue to raise the scoring and performance level consistently.

Kyle Hermberg explained earlier that he has begun to introduce his participants earlier to a broader variety of random formations and blocks of the complete dive pool. The results are convincing, as the scoring numbers are showing.

In fact, the total of 124 points for the month of June is a new record in the history of the iFLY Dallas team since 2016. A few higher totals for a month before 2016 were only possible due to the lack of a scoring cap at 25 points for two of the three Rookie Class sequences (RR/R).

iFLY Dallas posted higher totals on the 14+ leaderboard only in May (141) and June (170) of 2016, boosted by very high scores in the same two categories. The RR and R Class scores were limited to the highscore of 25 points beginning in January 2018.

TeamsC,1,N,10 L,1,8 H,F,19 H,F,L M,C,N M,CTotal
Dallas Dynasty1819----37
Arpit Tyagi, Pressly Bonner, Vanessa Shirazi, Christina Edwards-811191914-
Caden Maydew, Pressly Bonner, Lucas King, Sarah Watson--1627--43
Roc Tofil, Michael Erickson, Deanna Anderson, Max Ciccarelli--1117(-1)14(-1)--
Raj Sarkar, Kyle Hermberg, Tarynn Ecton, Nick Anderson--1223192644
Alexa Boushey, Kyle Hermberg, Christina Edwards, Tiffany Kobee---191720-

iFLY Dallas Best of June181916271925124

Indoor Cloud League highscores of iFLY Dallas in June
Lucas King (left) with Dallas 350 in 2016
The iFLY Dallas team reached the 25-point limit for the R Class sequence in June, as well, and the 26-pointer generated only a score of 25 on the 14+ leaderboard last month.

The scoring level in Dallas also benefits from higher numbers for the most challenging categories (AAA/AA) where Dallas Dynasty has consistently been increasing the scoring and performance level, this time with Kyle Hermberg back in the lineup. The total of 37 points for the two sequences is another iFLY Dallas record number since May 2016 when Dallas 350 posted a total of 41 points (23 - 18) for the two sequences (E,4,Q,5 – E,2,4).

Lucas King was a member of the USPA Advanced Class 2014 champion team from Texas, and Dallas 350 were still competing in 4-way Open when they scored for iFLY Dallas in 2016.

He is now player-coaching Dallas Dynasty at indoor and outdoor events both, and he tries to beat his own AAA/AA total of 2016. Dallas 350 is still four points ahead at this point. iFLY Dallas is currently in 1st place of the Indoor Cloud League competition for the month of June, for the first time ahead of Paraclete XP and Hurricane Factory. Only the ICL Midwest team can still change the June rankings.

Indoor Cloud League 2021
Rank June 14+ C,1,N,10 L,1,8 H,F,19 H,F,L M,C,N M,C Total
1 iFLY Dallas  US  18 19 16 27 19 25 124
2 Paraclete XP  US  21 21 28 17 19 17 123
3 Hurricane Factory  CZ  23 21 27 23 19 6 119
4 iFLY Tampa  US  - 12 16 23 17 17 85

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