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Did You Know...

... that Paraclete XP and Hurricane Factory tied their Indoor Cloud League May totals?

Michelle Karamon (top) and Jeana Billings (bottom) with AZXP8
posted Jun 17th, 2021 - The May leaderboard of the Indoor Cloud League has shaped up and features the best participation of the comeback year after the scores and videos of the Paraclete XP team were added.

XPG4 members Jeana Billings, Morgan Womble and Brenn Richards were player-coaching the two lineups through four of the six sequences before they performed the two Open Class sequences (AAA/AA) with their own team. XPG4 is mostly focusing on outdoor training and competition during the summer season, and two of the team members (Michelle Karamon, Jeana Billings) are in the middle of their final preparations for the upcoming trip to Russia.

Michelle Karamon and Jeana Billings are both members of the U.S. national 8-way team AZXP8 at the same time, and they are facing the challenging task of defending the William H. Ottley Sword for 8-way Formation Skydiving competition, also known as the Excalibur, that the Golden Knights have kept in U.S. possession since 2012.

They are not facing double-duties at the FAI Tanay Mondial 2020, as Aviatrixx compete for the U.S. Formation Skydiving delegation in 4-way Women. However, the U.S. 8-way team is training outdoors as much as possible in the final weeks before traveling to Russia, and XPG4 want to the win the qualification for the next world meet at the USPA Nationals 2021. XPG4 still managed to add Paraclete XP's Indoor Cloud League scores to the May leaderboard.

Indoor Cloud League May 2021 - Paraclete XPAAAAAARRRRRRTotal
TeamsL,4,O,17 D,4,2 G,P,2 G,P,D M,L,O M,LTotal
Carin Liljedahl, Brenn Richards, Eric Harper, Mike Connors--1215--27
Nikki Nasiatka, Morgan Womble, Jeana Billings, Jorge Chacon----252750

Paraclete XP's Best of May221912152525111

Paraclete XP's Indoor Cloud League highscores for May
ICL Midwest's Rookie Class lineup
Morgan Womble reported from Paraclete XP's Indoor Cloud League event that Rookie Class competitor Nikki Nasiatka left a lasting impression with the player-coaches. She attended an ICL event for the first time, and her lineup, with XPG4 members Morgan Womble, Jeana Billings and new ICL competitor Jorge Chacon, contributed the scores for two of the three Rookie Class sequences (R/RR).

The strong lineup scored a 25-pointer for the RR Class sequence and went beyond the 25-point cap for the R Class sequence with a 27. This lineup added the maximum number of 50 points to Paraclete XP's account for the month of May.

Only the ICL Midwest team matched the same maximum score in May. Lauren Byrd's R Class lineup (Katherine Vercellino, Nate Wetter Taylor, Stanley Bukala) even completed 31 points for the R Class sequence, with an Adder (M,L) as the signature formation, for the same maximum total of 50 points.

Nikki Nasiatka was not new to Rookie Class sequences at the ICL event though. She had competed with Baby Cadence in the Rookie Class (RRR) of the Paraclete XP Indoor Championship 2021. There she had player-coaches Brandon Kashani and Josh Lukes in her lineup.

Indoor Cloud League 2021
Rank May 14+ L,4,O,17 D,4,2 G,P,2 G,P,D M,L,O M,L Total
1 ICL Midwest  US  26 22 15 24 25 25 137
2 Hurricane Factory  CZ  24 20 24 18 19 13 118
2 Paraclete XP  US  22 19 12 15 25 25 118
4 iFLY Dallas  US  17 17 11 15 23 16 99
5 iFLY Tampa  US  - 6 9 8 14 13 50

Indoor Cloud League highscores for May
Nikki Nasiatka with her player-coaches and Jorge Chacon
Nikki Nasiatka's Rookie Class lineup with player-coaches Morgan Womble and Jeana Billings also matched the RRR Class highscore that XPG4's Brenn Richards scored with Carin Liljedahl, Eric Harper and Mike Connors for the RRR Class sequence (15).

Nikki Nasiatka has continued with Baby Cadence in the meantime, and the team would have the opportunity to compete in the new A Class (USPA Beginners) with the first set of eight of the 22 blocks at the USPA Nationals this year.

Paraclete XP tied the total of 118 points of the Hurricane Factory's comeback in May and the total of 50 points for the two Rookie Class categories (RR/R) that ICL Midwest posted. Skydive Midwest NEXT posted once again the highest scores for the two Open Class sequences (AAA/AA). NEXT member Greg Oldendick also took the RRR highscore with his Rookie Class lineup (Nathan Handegan, Ken Serrine, Brennan Smith), who performed the A Class sequences, as well.

The Hurricane Factory's comeback was rewarded with the convincing highscore for the A Class sequence. The 4-way Junior team HF Flying Rebels were back in action and won the category clearly with the 24-pointer.

Indoor Cloud League 2021JanFebMarAprMayJunJulAugSepOctNovDecTotal
Flying Chamber: 14+ Feet
1ICL MidwestUS-133147145137-------562
2Paraclete XPUS11685110111118-------540
3iFLY DallasUS1029710610899-------512
4iFLY TampaUS6257626450-------295
5Hurricane FactoryCZ----118-------118
6Capital RegionUS-------------
6iFLY SeattleUS-------------
6iFLY JacksonvilleUS-------------

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