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Did You Know...

... that Paraclete XP's ICL team offers bridges between indoor and outdoor students and instructors?

Paraclete XP's Indoor Cloud League team
posted Apr 11th, 2021 - The Indoor Cloud League continues to generate scores and videos during the recovery times of the pandemic crisis. The March leaderboard is showing the highest 2021 numbers, for the number of submitted videos (23) as well as for the total number of points on the leaderboard (425).

ICL Midwest won the March competition easily with 147 points and the second highest total since joining the Indoor Cloud League, as the NSL News reported on April 5th.

Paraclete XP's ICL team was back with a new combination of top competitors and player coaches. The same three XPG4 members (Jeana Billings, Morgan Womble, Brenn Richards) who had SDC Rhythm XP member Doug Barron in their February lineup were back for the two March sequences (AAA/AA) with XP8 member Kirk Verner.

Neither of the two Paraclete lineups for February and March were able to outscore the well trained Skydive Midwest NEXT lineup with their complete lineup, who have not given away a AAA/AA sequence of the Indoor Cloud League competition this year so far. However, the complete XPG4 lineup was back in training this weekend and may challenge Skydive Midwest NEXT for the highest AAA/AA scores this month.

Indoor Cloud League 2021
Rank March 14+ D,9,A,12 O,9,22 N,B,8 N,B,O M,D,A M,K Total
1 ICL Midwest 29 26 16 30 22 24 147
2 Paraclete XP 24 25 21 17 17 6 110
3 iFLY Dallas 18 18 14 19 21 16 106
4 iFLY Tampa - 13 14 16 7 12 62

XPG4 members with Doug Barron in February
XPG4 members Jeana Billings, Morgan Womble and Brenn Richards continued to introduce new participants to 4-way training and competition in March. ICL organizer Morgan Womble reported from Paraclete XP that some of the tunnel and dropzone instructors are showing increasing interest in sharpening their 4-way skills.

PJ Jackson, Andy Pilsko and Jeramy Cosner work for Paraclete XP and attended their first Indoor Cloud League event in March and April. PJ Jackson is a long-time tunnel instructor, who is expanding his 4-way knowledge. Jeana Billings had him in her R Class lineup.

Andy Pilsko works at Paraclete XP as an AFF and Tandem Examiner. He runs his own program, Evolutions Ratings, at Paraclete XP and helps with the skydiving school. Morgan Womble and Brenn Richards had him in one of their Rookie Class lineups.

Jeramy Cosner is another indoor instructor at Paraclete XP who signed up for the April event of the Indoor Cloud League. Jeana Billings and Morgan Womble work closely together with the indoor and outdoor instructors, who are recommending the ICL events to students and new participants.

Indoor Cloud League March 2020 - Paraclete XPAAAAAARRRRRRTotal
TeamsD,9,A,12 O,9,22 N,B,8 N,B,O M,D,A M,KTotal
Morgan Womble, Jeana Billings, Brenn Richards, Kirk Verner2425----49
Jeana Billings, Brandon Kashani, Steve Hubbard, Dan Keyston--21---21
Morgan Womble, Brenn Richards, Carin Liljehal, Andy Pilsko---17--17
Morgan Womble, Carin Liljehal, Keith Fay, Phil Keinz----17-17
Jeana Billings, Charles Bower, Gavin Stuart, PJ Jackson-----66

Paraclete XP's Best of March24252117176110

Paraclete XP's Indoor Cloud League highscores for March
Dallas Dynasty at the Paraclete XP Indoor Championship 2021
Kyle Hermberg submitted a complete set of scores and videos for iFLY Dallas in March, as well. His own team, Dallas Dynasty, performed once again the two 4-way Open Class sequences (AAA/AA) and keep preparing themselves for the team's future in the AAA Class with slot-switchers and longer sequences.

The AAA Class progress of Dallas Dynasty can be measured well with the monthly events. The current lineup completed all AAA/AA sequences for iFLY Dallas since December 2020. The two 18-pointers in March were the highest scores that Dallas Dynasty have posted in these four months.

All four team members are also player-coaches for the other participants at the ICL events in Dallas. Kyle Hermberg emphasized once again that the main purpose of his events at iFLY Dallas is the introduction of 4-way training and competition to all interested skydivers and indoor flyers.

One of the many benefits for ICL participants is the mix of experienced and well-skilled 4-way competitors and beginners in the sport at the events. They have not only the opportunity to learn directly from more experienced 4-way competitors. They can also watch live the results of what their player-coaches are trying to get across when they perform with their own teams at the same event.

iFLY Dallas - MarchAAAAAARRRRRRTotal
TeamsD,9,A,12 O,9,22 N,B,8 N,B,O M,D,A M,KTotal
Dallas Dynasty1818----36
Nick Anderson, Raj Sarkar, Caden Maydew, Michael Erickson--14---14
Deanna Anderson, Pressly Bonner, Aaron Perkins, Kyle Hermberg---1921-40
Aaron Shoulders, Max Ciccarelli, Caden Maydew, Donaldo Grajeda-----1616

iFLY Dallas Best of March181814192116106

iFLY Dallas' Indoor Cloud League highscores for March
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