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Did You Know...

... that the Indoor Cloud League had comeback attempts in Florida this month?

ZEAL in outdoor training at Skydive City
posted Oct 22nd, 2020 - The October leaderboard of the Indoor Cloud League does not look much better yet compared to the previous months in the time of the corona virus pandemic, even though new scores and videos from Paraclete XP and the ICL Midwest team will probably still be added soon.

iFLY Tampa only has the scores and videos of four sequences. Skydive City team ZEAL used the October sequences during a training camp this month. At the same time, iFLY Jacksonville offered an event of the Indoor Cloud League network for the first time since February, which created the temporary October leaderboard with two ICL teams from Florida.

Both teams have competing scores in two categories. ZEAL performed four of the six sequences, and all scores and videos are posted, including the ones in A and RRR. This is not permitted under normal circumstances, where the same lineup may score only in two neighboring categories. However, the corona virus situation has brought many unusual changes and exceptions for the time being, and there is one of them.

ZEAL used the four sequences for training purposes, which included RR and RRR with only random formations, which could be drawn for any A Class competition. ZEAL is in the middle of a transition from A to AA Class competition, which the Z-Hills home team would have participated in at the USPA Nationals this year.

Rank October 14+ O,1,C,10 N,1,7 A,J,6 A,J,N M,O,C M,F Total
1 iFLY Tampa - 12 12 16 16 - 56
2 iFLY Jacksonville - - 8 8 - 11 27

Indoor Cloud League October Competition: iFLY Tampa - iFLY Jacksonville
Indoor Cloud League at iFLY Jacksonville in October
The NSL News had introduced ZEAL with the update on September 4th, including NSL Live Talk, where the team explained why they decided to continue, even though the USPA Nationals were first canceled by host Skydive City, followed by the final cancellation of any outdoor competition by USPA.

The October camp included indoor and outdoor training. ZEAL first completed five training jumps at Skydive City and then transitioned to iFLY Tampa, where they added 30 minutes of tunnel time to their training schedule for the weekend. The indoor training included the two sequences of random formations and the technical part with the blocks of the A and AA sequences for October.

iFLY Tampa is in convenient 30-minute driving distance from Skydive City, and ZEAL was back for more outdoor training on Sunday.

iFLY Jacksonville does not have a team yet that trains consistently at the windtunnel. The lineups at the Indoor Cloud League events in the past have been changing for the new ICL team. iFLY Jacksonville had joined the Indoor Cloud League in September 2019 and was on the leaderboard each month until February 2020. The corona virus then brought the activities to an abrupt halt, and the October event was the first attempt of a comeback.

Indoor Cloud League 2020JanFebMarAprMayJunJulAugSepOctNovDecTotal
Flying Chamber: 14+ Feet
1Hurricane FactoryCZ147154134-158122117110123---1065
2Paraclete XPUS110135114---139114141---753
3iFLY TampaUS10110455--49-36-56--401
4iFLY DallasUS8910996---------294
5ICL MidwestUS-------142130---272
6Capital RegionUS106117----------223
7iFLY SeattleUS92110----------202
8iFLY JacksonvilleUS1866-------27--111

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