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Did You Know...

... that the defending Malevsky Cup champions are watching the competition from the ground position?

DeLand Majik at the Malevsky Cup 2004
posted Jul 2nd, 2005 - Doug Park has been the engine of the reigning 4-way world champion DeLand Majik since 2002. He won the gold medal at the World Championship of Formation Skydiving in Croatia 2004 with the original line-up of the early Majik years, and he is still in the driver's seat of the Inside Center position with the new Majik line-up, including Solly Williams, David VanGreuningen and Robert Healy.

Doug Park is also the defending champion of the Malevsky Cup ever since the inauguration of the event in 2002. He is once again on the competition site in Russia. However, he is only watching the action from the coaching position this time. DeLand Majik 2005 decided not to attend this year's event in Russia.

Three members of the original Majik line-up and Malevsky title defenders are still present in Stupino. Gary Smith competes with his new team DeLand Fire, while Doug Park and Joey Jones are both working as coaches. The NSL News had to wait for a while until Doug Park found a few minutes for an interview due to his tight coaching schedule.

Interview with Doug Park in Russia
NSL News: Doug, why is DeLand Majik not defending the multiple Malevsky Cup titles this year?

Doug Park: With the changes we feel like it is not time to compete. We plan to do the World Games in Germany with some of us.

NSL News: You still seem to be very busy. What is your job assignment this year here in Russia?

Doug Park: I am coaching, and I am alternate for Airspeed Odyssey. My main teams for coaching are Norway Arcteryx and Spa Hayabusa from Belgium. But I have also been helping the Dutch team Infinity and the German Chicas. I have been quite busy, but the weather has helped me with not being too busy.

NSL News: Who is Joey working with?

Doug Park: Joey is here with Canada, and he is watching over two other teams.

Coaching work for Doug Park in Russia
NSL News: How do You see the situation before the beginning of the competition when looking at the teams that are lined up in all three Formation Skydiving events here in Stupino?

Doug Park: 4-way Open - Airspeed Odyssey, because I am the alternate (laughs). Seriously, it will be incredibly competitive from the USA positon. I have no idea what the new Russian Sky Panthers are doing, which makes me lean to the US teams winning. Hayabusa is the underdog in 4-way. 8-way - again I would have to pick Airspeed as the reigning world champions. 4-way Female - France is a very strong favorite with the Russian Ladybirds close behind.

Park attack on the NSL office
NSL News: I am sure that You will keep a good eye on teams like both Airspeed line-ups, DeLand Fire and Fastrax since Majik will meet them at this year's USPA Championship. Who are You mostly afraid of?

Doug Park: Majik (laughs). All four teams, both Airspeed line-ups, Fire and the Golden Knights. It is a hard year to pick a favorite team. This year will be the most competitive year in the USA ever, with the US team then hopefully going to the world meet and winning.

NSL News: What are the Majik plans from here on until the USPA Championship 2005?

Doug Park: We start jumping on August 15 and will be training until the USPA Championship.

Arizona Airspeed line-up at the Malevsky Cup 2005
NSL News: Italy's Sinapsi PD is only a guest team here in Russia, we all know why. What do You think about Pete Allum's eligibility status for the world meet in 2006?

Doug Park: I would hope that the FAI/IPC will come to a fair ruling. Personally, I would love to see Italy with Pete competing at the world championship and at the Malevsky Cup. Watching their videos they are doing very, very well. It would be nice to have a professional tour that would allow teams with mixed nationalities to compete against each other.

NSL News: Do You have a ferw words about this event in general?

Doug Park: This event is one of the best events that is run in the competition world. It will be amazing if Airspeed wins. First and second in 4-way plus first in 8-way could make them $23,000 prize money. That's amazing.

NSL News: Thank You very much for the interview, and good luck for Your teams.

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