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Did You Know...

... that France keeps moving and Sinapsi keeps climbing?

posted Sep 3rd, 2009 - Rounds 7 and 8 have been completed in the female 4-way category, and the slower sequences had their impact on the French team, as well. The 20.8 average after six rounds is down to a 19.5 average after Round 8. The pace will pick up again in Round 9, and Round 10 offers the opportunity to possibly go back to the 20-average level.

As expected, the Chicas played out their routine and experiences in the slower rounds. There was no chance for Incognito to attack, and the Chicas even added another point to the lead. The ladies are going on a longer break now, as the other events have to catch up.

The poll was removed from the Open Class page, as it is not an open question any longer who will win. Aerodyne Cypres Maubeuge was the only team that was able to get to the 20s in Round 7, and Hayabusa Defence now has to watch how Sinapsi is slowly getting closer. Sinapsi and Skylight Barkli had the second highest score with 18-pointers, which gave the Italian team the sole 3rd place and moved Skylight Barkli closer to Black Cat.

All Open Class teams combined for a total of six penalties only. None of the medal contenders lost a point.

NSL Talk - Part 2
The second part of the NSL Talk has been uploaded.

This time, Joey Jones and Gary Smith evaluated and commented the situation after six rounds. The interview took place this morning before the teams went up for today's first jumps.

Joey Jones had to leave for a few minutes when Hayabusa Defence needed him, and he came back quickly to continue. The scores of Round 8 in the Open Class will be posted soon.

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