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Did You Know...

... that future 4-way Women opponents posted Indoor Cloud League scores in January?

4-way Women team HF Cubs
posted Feb 13th, 2020 - The Indoor Cloud League leaderboards for January are complete. It turned out to be almost a complete sweep by the Hurricane Factory. The Czech teams posted highscores for five of the six categories. Only iFLY Tampa's RRR Class lineup stole the January highscore with a 25-pointer, and iFLY Seattle tied the maximum score of 25 points for the RR Class sequence.

It was a combination of the HF Cubs and three junior teams (HF Dragonflies, Rusalky, HF Invisible) who collected a total of 147 points together. Paraclete XP had two very strong teams (SDMW NEXT, XPG4) perform the two Open Class sequences (AAA/AA), and the HF Cubs still ran away with both highscores.

The HF Cubs benefit heavily from the time they have spent together in the 4-way junior categories, and they seem to be well prepared for the FAI Indoor World Cup in April, where they will compete in 4-way Women. SDMW NEXT and XPG4 have new lineups, who began with their training this year, and they need more time to get closer. XPG4 will probably become a direct opponent for the HF Cubs at international events if they qualify as the U.S. national team at the Paraclete XP Indoor Championship.

Indoor Cloud League January 2020
Rank January 14+ A,2,J,17 A,2,21 N,G,19 N,G,O M,A,J M,A Total
1 Hurricane Factory  CZ  32 28 20 17 25 25 147
2 Paraclete XP  US  25 23 17 18 14 13 110
3 Capital Region  US  18 18 12 19 20 19 106
4 iFLY Tampa  US  17 16 17 25 14 12 101
5 iFLY Seattle  US  14 14 8 9 25 22 92
6 iFLY Dallas  US  15 14 10 13 20 17 89
7 iFLY Jacksonville  US  - - - 8 5 5 18
Rank January 12+ A,11,J,5 A,11,9 N,G,21 N,G,O M,A,J M,A Total
1 iFLY SF Bay  US  14 17 12 16 17 11 87
2 iFLY Orlando  US  18 19 16 23 - - 76
3 iFLY Denver  US  - - - 9 16 12 37

4-way Junior team Aerokart Ak'demie
HF Dragonflies and HF Flying Rebels had tied their A Class highscores for January with two 20-pointers, and Jan Klapka featured the all-female lineup of the Dragonflies this time. The Flying Rebels are the designated Czech national team in 4-way Junior this year, and they won the internal AA Class competition (21 - 14) clearly last month.

It will still be very difficult for any Czech 4-way Junior team to defend the world's top spot in this category successfully this year. The French Aerokart Ak'demie juniors are still eligible to compete in 4-way Junior, after finishing closely behind the HF Cubs at the FAI Indoor World Meet 2019.

Half of the HF Cubs lineup would also still be eligible, however, the team decided to move up into the 4-way Women competition together. The Czech Flying Rebels may have to settle for the FAI silver medals at the indoor world cup this year and wait until the French juniors have grown out of this category.

They could also challenge them a year later at the next indoor world meet - if Aerokart Ak'demie will still be eligible. Another year of regular training will bring Dragonflies and Flying Rebels both probably back up to the gold medal level of the HF Cubs.

TeamsA,11,J,5 A,11,9 N,G,21 N,G,O M,A,J M,ATotal
Lori Connor, Jim Hopf, Ethan DeLano, Jessica Lee1417----31
Sylvain Florand, Racheet Matai, Michael Stevens, Ethan DeLano--1216--28
Lori Connor, Jim Hopf, Lauren Liddell, Jan Blaha----151111
Johnny Paliani, Vikas Bagur, Ethan DeLano, Jessica Lee----17-17

iFLY SF Bay's Best of January14171216171187

XPG4 member Irina Meshcheryakova with iFLY Seattle's AAA lineup
It would be no surprise if HF Cubs and Paraclete's new XPG4 lineup will compete with and against each other at the same event in 2021. XPG4 will probably not travel to Charleroi in Belgium for this year's indoor world cup, as team members Michelle Karamon and Jeana Billings will be in full outdoor training swing with Airspeed XP8 in April. The 8-way competition on the top level is extremely competitive this year and could be the highlight at the FAI World Meet in Tanay.

However, HF Cubs and XPG4 will most likely be top contenders in 4-way Women in 2021. The Czech team will try to do something that has not happened in the past. They could turn their 4-way Junior gold medals of 2019 into 4-way Women gold two years later. The French, British and U.S. teams will have their own words about that, while it seems to be a fact that there will be at least a new top contender in 4-way Women.

HF Cubs will already collect their first experiences as a direct opponent for the best 4-way Women teams at the indoor world cup in April. NFTO and Nephtys Weembi have been the world's top teams in 4-way Women, and they will try to keep the HF Cubs at bay as much as they can.

XPG4 performed the January sequences with Morgan Womble in the lineup. Team mate Irina Meshcheryakova's name can be found in iFLY Seattle's AAA Class lineup that she guided as player-coach in January. She lives in Seattle and travels to the XPG4 training camps.

iFLY Seattle - JanuaryAAAAAARRRRRRTotal
TeamsK,22,E,12 P,7,22 D,K,6 H,K,E M,D,K M,PTotal
Samantha D'Andrea, Bill Selig, Randy Barbee, Irina Meshcheryakova1414----28
Slavko Pesic, Nat Mote, Gary Dutton, Denis Pershakov--8---8
Michael Bess, Lisa Orchard, Art Nepute, Steve Platt---9--9
Casey Chen, Chenglong Wang, Dave Correia, Bill Selig----262247

iFLY Seattle's Best of January141489252292

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