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Did You Know...

... that the two busiest 4-way outdoor teams of 2019 were back in January?

January 2020 meet of the Arizona Skydiving League
posted Jan 24th, 2020 - The Arizona Skydiving League held the first 4-way outdoor competition of the new year. The early start of the 2020 season at Skydive Arizona still attracted three teams to Eloy, and two of the busiest teams of the 2019 season were back in action, AZ Defiance and AZ Windfall.

The NSL News just pointed out with yesterday's coverage of the NSL World Team Rankings 2019 that AZ Defiance was the busiest 4-way outdoor team throughout the 2019 season. AZ Windfall were actually right behind their regular 4-way opponents in Eloy, with seven 4-way outdoor meets last year.

AZ Windfall started the 2020 season even earlier than last year, when they missed the January meet. Beth Bryan, Jonathan Perl, John Scharrer and videographer Gordon Lindsey attended each of the team's seven 2019 meets, and they were back for the first meet of the ASL 2020 season, with Becky Thompson in the lineup for the first time.

AZ Defiance competed at the January meet last year, and they were back this year with the same lineup that concluded the 2019 season in October 2019. AZ Defiance was formed in 2015, and four of the original members (Cris Howard, Joe Howard, Paul Marstall, videographer John Lyman) are still in the current lineup.

Arizona Skydiving League - January 2020
1 2 3 4 5 6 Total Avg
Rank AAA Class C,G,A,N,O F,L,5,B 16,J,17 M,18,E,15 Q,13,1 8,3,9 Total Avg
1 AZ Defiance 14    14    11    8 -1 10    9    66 11.0
2 AZ Windfall 12    10    9    9    8    8    56 9.3
Rank A Class C,G,A F,L,B J,21 M,E,2 Q,N,O 8,9 Total Avg
1 Spoonful of Tang 5    4    3    6 -1 1    1    20 3.3

Eliana Rodriguez and Michelle Karamon visit YOUTH ON THEIR OWN
Eliana Rodriguez and Michelle Karamon were back for the ASL 2020 season opener, as the NSL News reported on January 7th. They continue not only with management, judging and coaching of the ASL meets. The NSL News mentioned during the coverage of last year's ASL October meet that they also "wanted to make an impact outside of the skydiving community and saved a portion of the revenues at each competition to support an organization that is doing something good in the world".

They started to support YOUTH ON THEIR OWN, an organization in Tucson that is helping homeless teenagers stay in school and graduate from high school, then go to college afterward. Eliana Rodriguez had heard about the project on the radio and made the contact. Michelle Karamon said that they continue with the same effort this year:

"It seemed to be a good organization after looking into their website. Eventually we went to meet their director and see the facility, so we could decide if we wanted to keep supporting them this year, or look for something else. Everyone was extremely nice and the organization is very well run. We feel great about continuing to support them!"

She said that YOUTH ON THEIR OWN have 27 employees and about 100 volunteers who take food out to the local schools for students in the program. Eliana Rodriguez and Michelle Karamon also talked to the employees about visiting Skydive Arizona and possible making tandem jumps: "It would be really cool if they could."

AZ Defiance - AZ Windfall - A Spoonfull of Tang at the January meet of the Arizona Skydiving League
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